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August 8, 2016 4:16 PM - Season 3, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Steven and Amethyst visit Lapis and Peridot at the barn to get Amethyst's mind off of Jasper.
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Peridot and Lapis are cute. I'm glad they've bonded over TV and the freedom of living on earth. I wonder if the Beta kindergarten is so haphazard for more reasons than just quickly trying to make reinforcements in the war, like say a reason related to why Homeworld is running out of resources?
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This is episode 22 because Bismuth is a half-hour special and counts as 20 and 21.
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Peridot and Lapis turn out to be incredibly darling together! How concerned Peridot was about the J-word being used around Lapis. How "into" Camp Pining Hearts Lapis got. GOD THE MEEPMORPS. A sitcom that's just Peri and Lapis getting along would be an excellent spinoff.
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Also I now have a Masters of Fine Meepmorps, it's official
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As a nerdy semi-femme artist I really appreciate that Peridot enjoys both arts and tech, because that's a combo you never see really in other media. The Artsy Fashionable one and the Science Geek are often portrayed as diametrically different characters (see: Daphne & Velma). Peridot revels in all of it and sees no conflict.
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I am so very glad that Peridot and Lapis have become good friends and roommates.
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I always enjoy sly commentaries on modern art. I've certainly been to worse exhibits.

I feel sorry for the alien stuffy rotting in the tank. Was it the bowtie she really wanted all along?

What will Greg think of what's happened to his aunt and uncle's barn?

The next time it rains, all that stuff in the truck/uncovered will get wet.

They added a SAFETY LADDER to the pool, so cute. Now it needs a slide.

Peridot calls her "Lapis" not "Lazuli" I can't remember when that changed?
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I'm so pleased they skipped over the conflicted learning-to-live-together stage for the barnmates and they're already pals. Peridot is such a good friend! Lapis's personality when she's relaxed is not what I expected at all when she was introduced but man do I love it. This is the best fanfiction come to life.
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The next time it rains, all that stuff in the truck/uncovered will get wet.

If only there was someone with water manipulation powers around to prevent this terrible catastrophe...
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Lapis will always be my favourite, but the combo of Lapis and Peridot is amazing!!
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Huh, I've favorited almost every comment in this thread so far, it seems.
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I feel like "Lapis and Peridot become best friends and obsess over TV and spend their days making weird art" is the best kind of fanfic but it's ACTUALLY CANON and I love everything now
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