Superstore: Season 1 of Superstore
August 21, 2016 6:45 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A sitcom following the employees at Cloud 9 superstore.
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I really like the show, actually. They do a great job. Super diverse cast, you end up really feeling for them. I think Garrett is my favorite. Even Cheyenne has her moments (I really liked her dance number) even though she's saddled with "pregnant teen with moron boyfriend" stuff.

About the only thing I don't get is why Jonah and Amy are supposed to have "chemistry," because I don't see it. Also she's married, so that's uncomfortable territory.

Anyone watch Friday's "clearly not canon" episode? It cracked me up that somehow Cheyenne is still pregnant and in summer school. But Dina's "closing ceremony" was amazeballs.

I'm looking forward to finding out how they deal with the end of the first season's walkout. The preview looked very good.
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This show is so much better than it has to be. I guess having a Kid tends to do that.
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I noticed towards the end of the first season that Amy has a different name on her nametag each episode. I haven't gone back to check if that was going on all season, or to see what else I missed.

I was surprised when I realized it was on NBC. I'd initially thought it was one of the more minor networks. It doesn't really have that big-network, big-budget look to me.
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The name tag thing goes all the way back to the pilot.

I ended up binge watching the whole series this past week, and as someone who worked way too much retail, I love it.
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It doesn't really have that big-network, big-budget look to me.

It was a midseason replacement, and then NBC cut the order from 13 episodes to 11, so it kinda wasn't a big-budget show.

Or maybe it was a conscious choice on the producers' part to make it look like a Walmart version of a TV show.
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Anyone watch Friday's "clearly not canon" episode?

It was a bit odd that it took place before the finale, but totally understandable that they aren't going to resolve the union plotline in a one-off episode at 10:30pm after olympic diving.

Also she's married, so that's uncomfortable territory.

I was glad that her husband turned out to be kind of a doofus (with the hours long YouTube BBQ videos), but he wasn't a monster. Hopefully they can move away from the tired will-they-won't-they in season 2.

The staff making fun of Jonah for peeling the banana upside down was fantastic. That's the quintessential internet lifehack no one actually does in real life.

Overall, I'd argue the first season of this was better than the first season of The Office (American) or Parks and Recreation. Now they just need to apply the same type of slight tweaking those shows got to make them long term successes.
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Recently at Vox: How Superstore, NBC's comedy about bored employees at a big box store, became The Office's rightful heir, which I totally agree with.

It's funny that since NBC has been a dumpster fire the past few years, this is NBC's second-oldest sitcom. I hope people actually start watching it, because it's so very good.
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Assume the episode took place sometime in season 1. They will come back to Mateo's revelation.
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Did a proper "Is that America Ferrera?" double-take at the header image. Sounds like an interesting series. Will keep an eye out for it here in the UK. Rotating namebadge surname gag is right up my alley.
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I sort of accidentally stumbled onto this show and really liked it. I did an "Is that America Ferrera?" double-take, too.
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