Halt and Catch Fire: Rules of Honorable Play
September 6, 2016 9:05 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

A game of laser tag teaches Gordon the importance of teamwork. Donna and Cameron disagree on their acquisition.
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So, Joe is trying to come up with the Internet and Cameron is thinking she's losing Mutiny, but in reality, she's losing the faith Donna has on her.
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I did not like Donna in this episode, but the more I think about it she wasn't really out of character. Maybe I don't like her very much though I'd like to. She is still an excellent character played well.

I'm not so sure what Cameron meant by "lose" at the end. Lose control? That sure looks like what Donna is doing. Get pushed out completely? That would really surprise me, but would mirror several notable examples from the actual tech industry in the 80s which this show is very fond of doing.

I did like the fact that Joe stood up to the soft handshake comment and the way he did it. It was big, but not starting a truck on fire big. It seemed a little more adult than he's been in the past. I am liking him more all the time though I did wish he would have stayed behind and off screen when they moved to California.

I can't quite get a read on what Diane or Bos are thinking but I'm interested to see where they each go.
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Cameron is very possessive of her ideas. For a more level-headed person, seeing the company grow and having old code replaced by something better would be good, but for her, everything that happens that isn't under her control is equivalent of losing it, despite actually being the one in charge.
She didn't want to rewrite the Mutiny code because it was the last she did on her own before it became an actual company. She lost Ryan to Dark Mannequin because she didn't want to give away security to him. She was mightly pissed last season when at the Mutiny picnic, everyone seemed to be from Donna's idea (community), one she treated more or less as her folly.
Donna probably read her intent to fire both guys - including one she actually got an understanding with - as a bit of a MacMillan moment (and I've pointed out around last season that Cameron at times was Joe lite) and decided to kick the ball forward a bit.
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That Coleco was once the 'Connecticut Leather Company' is the best little factoid I've learned in a while.
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With Tandy also starting as a leather company before being a pioneer in personal computers (after buying Radio Shack in the 60s) I have to wonder if there's something in tanning chemicals that makes people want to build electronics.
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