Space Milkshake (2012)
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Four blue collar astronauts are stuck together on a Space Sanitation Station after they bring a mysterious device aboard their ship and Earth is mysteriously devoid of life. Also, weird inter-dimensional and time continuum stuff. And a mutant rubber ducky terrorizes the crew. Starring George Takei as the rubber duck.

Spoiler: there are no milkshakes in Space Milkshake.
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OH MY GOD! Did this actually get a release? I saw this a couple of years ago at the Boston SF Film Festival and was highly amused.

Billy Boyd is great, Amanda Tapping is fun. Best space-trash video since "Quark"
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Yep. I watched it on teevee last week. I couldn't believe that movie actually existed, even as I watched it. Spot-on insane sci-fi comedy. It was so much better than the premise had me believe.
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I love the premise, George Takei is a ginormous last straw, and it's only $8 - probably cheaper than seeing it at a festival and you can view it again anytime.

Was not sold by the trailer, but you guys... and then to discover that it's only (?) available through iTunes... as a "View in iTunes" only?

... and then "The item you've request is not currently available in the Canadian Store, but it is available in the U.S. Store."

It's a Canadian film and judging by the agency logos in the acknowledgements slide it probably had a bunch of Canadian government grant funding.
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Glad you liked the movie. I made it.

It's not only on itunes, we sold direct from

I'm over on the space milkshake facebook page if anyone wants to know more about the movie.
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Welcome to MetaFilter, armenws!
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Yeah, I tried to buy it from the website, but it just redirects to itunes.

Tried it again just now - it redirects to itunes (both the "Download Now" link at the top of the page and the link at the bottom of the page).
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