Speechless: P-I-PILOT
September 21, 2016 6:11 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Seconding the Vulture review - that was a really good first episode. No pandering, no cheap jokes, and no preaching.
In creating “Speechless,” Silveri is not trying to put out any sort of social message, stressing that the family comedy is not an issue-based series. “This isn’t going to be like the ramp-of-the-week show,” the “Friends” alum quips.
‘Speechless’ Creator on Casting Disabled Actors in Hollywood, ‘Demystifying’ Special Needs Community (Variety)
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Yeah, that was terrific. I could see the Ray/astronomy-club girl stuff maybe going in an annoying direction, but, overall, a great pilot, great casting, looking forward to more.
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As a parent of a special-needs kid (though not nearly as intense as J.J.'s), I could not identify more with the Minnie Driver character in the pilot, only she's like my anger translator. I'm much more polite and less crazy, but Minnie Driver's character is HOW I AM INSIDE MY HEAD.
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Minnie Driver is a Known Quantity Of Quality, but John Ross Bowie surprised me with how well he was playing opposite her.
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I liked it quite a bit. It reminded me of The Michael J. Fox Show which was cancelled. Though, thankfully this show seems to not be as sitcom-esque as that one, which had promise but just couldn't find its feet.

Etrigan, you nailed it right on the head. I too was very impressed with John Ross Bowie's character and role. I think he'll be a perfect balance to Minnie Driver's character. I'll be tuning back in and hoping for more quality.
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Every single member of that family is a distinct, but very real seeming oddball. Each of them was my favorite in at least one scene. That bodes well for the show's long term viability.
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Good news: the network is giving this show a fair shot, with that timeslot; and the ratings for the premiere matched the rest of the night, meaning the audience gave it a fair shot too. I really enjoyed it and I'm feeling confident about its chances to succeed.
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So far, this is my favorite new show of the season.
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