American Horror Story: Chapter Two
September 23, 2016 8:28 AM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Matt and Shelby find a revealing videotape in a hidden cellar. Meanwhile, Lee's daughter Flora makes a new friend, and the mysterious events continue.
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I like it so far. I'm wondering if the frame story of the TV show interview is going to twist in some weird way. I could see it being like a body snatcher situation, where the people we're seeing being interviewed look different because they're actually doppelgangers of the characters we're seeing in the present-tense of the story.

Do the characters seem... stupider this year? Like typically horror movie stupid?
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I just finished watching season two. Is there any reason I shouldn't just skip to watching this current season? I mean I'll eventually catch up, but there's nothing that connects them in any way, or references I might miss, is there?
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Very rarely in this series there are references to other seasons, even characters appearing again. So you might miss something but nothing major, and nothing I've noticed this season so far.

This episode was better, I was actually able to enjoy the framing device more, and things were appropriately spooky. I saw the new Blair Witch right before watching this one last night and was honestly more spooked by this, although I'm not sure which piece of entertainment that says more about.
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I liked this episode generally, but this story did NOT need the murder nurses; it all hung together without them, they feel grafted on from another story. Also, I know it's based on a real thing, but the spelling out MURDE with their first names is a detail that feels really silly. It's a silly thing to do, it's a silly sounding word. Just silly.
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graventy: each new season is a new entry point. You lose nothing by jumping around from season to season or jumping in right now. This is one of the only currently airing shows of which this is true.

Yeah, I didn't appreciate those nurses. They've been done before in this show. But more importantly, and they water down the mashup of rural-horror tropes the show is otherwise presenting.
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I'm not really getting horrified by the guts'n'blood horror so far. AHS: Asylum did it so much better.
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This is seeming like a hillbilly version of season 1 so far. Meh.
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I'm sure some disruptive twist is coming along soon, but at the moment I'm surprised to find myself quietly enjoying this much more buttoned-down version of AHS. While some elements (the evil hillbillies) feel exaggerated to the point of parody, Roanoke plays the story mostly straight, and it almost seems novel to have everyday people with recognizably human motivations up against forces they don't understand. AHS seemed slightly interested in telling stories like that back in S1, but got over it quickly.
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Since I have bailed out of almost every season because of too much torture porn-ish ness, I am really hoping the Murder Nurses don't stick around. I love the house, I love how creepy this one is, and I love the cast. I am hoping they don't turn me off like they have in the past.
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Do the characters seem... stupider this year? Like typically horror movie stupid?


"I hear a noise. Let's go out in the woods at night with flashlights and split up."

"We'll never be able to sell this house, except to the people we literally outbid for it a couple of days ago, but I'm not going to contact them at all."

"Do you see that creppy girl? I think she might be leading us to a trap. Let's climb into this large trap-like structure."

I'm hoping that it has something to do with the weird structure of the show this year, and that it will get turned on its ear at some point, but I may be being overly optimistic here.

Also genuinely disappointed there appears to be no disturbing credit sequence this season.
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I am really hoping the Murder Nurses don't stick around.

Eh, it would be a pretty egregious unfired Chekov's gun if they don't complete their word by the end of the season. I've been trying to notice if any of the living characters have names beginning with "R" who would make a suitable victim. Haven't noticed any yet, but I may have missed some of the minor characters. I also wouldn't rule out some twist like "Matt" actually being Matt's middle name and his first name being Robert or something like that.

OTOH, it would hardly be out of character for AHS to just leave some plot threads hanging and unresolved.
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Oy this episode. Really disliked the murder nurses and we covered haunted house in s1. Like last season all of the tropes are HEAVILY borrowed. I'm really disappointed.
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