Speechless: B-O-N--BONFIRE
October 5, 2016 6:36 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A homecoming bonfire becomes Maya's latest crusade for equality when she points out that its beach location isn't wheelchair accessible. Meanwhile, Jimmy helps Ray get comfortable in their new surroundings, and Dylan questions her athletic motivation.
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Ok, I think this one was back to the quality of the pilot. So many good lines for everyone.
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My favorite part of the episode was the scene with all of the girls talking about the reasons why they run. It was just dark enough to tickle my funny bone and then the teacher had a great closing line about his beard being a cry for help. Great.

I also liked the fact that JJ admitted that he had wanted his mom to intervene. I like that kind of complexity.
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The "We have challenges other families don't" is exactly what I was talking about last week, and again this week it rang totally true to my experience. But also I like the way that, also, on top of the challenges they have, they are a little bit lazy. Some people are just like that.

Honestly I think they underplayed the shame that Ray was feeling. It's possible for film to make you feel that stomach-cramping blow, but I guess a sitcom isn't exactly the place for it.

When the dad says "You know that shame thing, I'm getting that now" - that's razor sharp, that is. The moral is supposed to be like "don't be ashamed of your family/have some perspective" but the whole reason Jimmy has that perspective is because he's an adult. Ray legitimately doesn't have the maturity and confidence to deal with it in the same way, and that's reasonable too.
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I'm just really kind of impressed with the nuance and complexity.
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