The Girl on the Train (2016)
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A divorcee becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation that promises to send shockwaves throughout her life.
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I'm curious what people thought - I read the book and liked it, but the movie was just awful, IMO. I can't even put my finger on it, just overwrought, no sense of humor, and several bits that were unitentionally funny (Emily Blunt awkwardly running away from Anna's baby)
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The ending reminded me of what an adult film actress said wrt James Deen's behavior towards his female coworkers and SO's: she personally didn't like Stoya, but believed her and would vouch for the accusations.
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I wanted to start yelling "zoom out! Zoom out, dammit!" at the screen. I think the movie should be retitled to "Close-up City" because most of the shots were just close-ups of people's faces. It was weird.
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just overwrought, no sense of humor

That's pretty much what I said to my friends, too - I kept wanting to compare it to Gone Girl, which was both darker and funnier. (I don't think the book - while diverting enough - was as strong either.) There was more elided here: the descent into depression of Megan's husband, the relevance of Megan and Rachel's desires to run away from their pasts, and the buildup to the reveal of the killer.

I will say, though, that I did laugh out loud at Emily Blunt's delivery when Rachel was offered beer that one time: "No, I couldn't ...oh, okay." More moments like that!
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God this was awful. My SO wanted to go along as she liked the book and she also thought the film was awful too. She wanted to walk out and only stayed for me, but I wanted to walk out too and only stayed as I said I would go with her.

A total absence of sympathetic characters, an incoherent plot, a first hour where virtually nothing happens. None of these are good ingredients. The weak switching of character to reveal a villain, papered over with the main character's alcoholism, clued only by the fancy scarf knot and the frankly ludicrous eyebrows.

I actually feel angry that this got 2 stars in the Guardian. What a turd of a film.
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Honestly the worst detective ever. Let me pretend to take your statement in the bathroom and just accuse you of being a whore with the suspect-non-suspect instead.

And how can the police not find a body of a missing girl beaten to death in the woods just outside her house and wearing a bright orange puffy jacket?
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