Arrow: Recruits
October 13, 2016 2:27 PM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Oliver decides to bring his new recruits in for training. Problems ensue due to GA's constant foe: trust. Diggle learns some harsh truths about the chain of command. Thea decides to save Quentin.

So in addition to Curtis, teenage Black Canary Evelyn Sharp, and Wild Dog, Ragman has joined the team, which we know is going to cause a conflict with Felicity, seeing as she was the one who diverted the nuclear missile to Ragman's hometown.

Personally I wasn't all that upset to see Diggle get betrayed by his own commander. Those speeches he gave the new recruit about having absolute faith in the country and the army were really rubbing me the wrong way. I always thought Diggle was supposed to be a thinking man's hero, and while I understand the need to follow orders (and the way doing so can simplify things) I don't believe in blindly following them. (I was going to ask if they'd let a sergeant lead a mission like that with no officers, but if it was all a set-up I can see why it would be a good idea.)

Of course this version of Oliver had trouble relating to people and emotions, and it's only natural he'd try turning a deadly Bratva initiation into an exercise designed to promote teamwork and trust. At least Felicity and Curtis called him out on his behaviour early so we don't have to go through the full season of him learning to trust (again).

Lance is back on the bottle (as he admitted last episode) but this time his screw up allowed Oliver and Thea's latest do-good project to get attacked. I hope Thea giving him responsibility (hiring him as deputy mayor) will dry him out pretty quickly because I think we've all seen enough of drunk, mopey Quentin.

Curtis was really doing the salmon ladder incorrectly. Didn't anybody tell him the first (and most important) step to successfully conquering the salmon ladder is to strip from the waist up? (Actually I though Amell looked a little out of practice on it. I think he was swinging his lower body more than he did in the past.)
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This was the best episode in a while, but what really stood out to me was Felicity cracking herself up at her own lame pun about Green Arrow being a little green. "I've been waiting five years to say that!"
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Oh, Oliver, we just can't have you around people. You have the people skills of a battering ram. Nobody likes those abusive military assholes and these folks didn't sign up for the military.

I am appreciating how the Bratva training is actually tying in to the plot these days. Hey, way to make the flashbacks actually have something to do with anything besides killing time!

Felicity and Oliver have a very cordial post-engagement relationship. That's impressive.
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