Tana French novels (The Trespasser etc) - any interest?
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I don't read tons of crime fiction, but I just finished Tana French's new novel The Trespassers and thought it would be fun to talk about it or the previous books, anyone else interested?

The Trespassers is sixth in a series of tangentially-connected police procedurals set in Dublin, Dublin Murder Squad. Most of them have protagonists who were featured as side characters in earlier novels, but the books are pretty independent plot-wise. I like the series a lot and it's been well-reviewed; I could put up a thread about the latest one if there's interest or maybe the first if enough people are interested in rereading them.
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I read them all very recently, so I won't be rereading them anytime soon. I might comment as my memory allows though.
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If I could get ebook versions in Spanish, though, then I might reread them.
posted by tofu_crouton at 6:25 AM on October 21, 2016

Hell yeah! I finished The Tresspassers and decided to re-read the whole series. I'd be very interested in this.
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I haven't read any, but am interested. Would certainly read the first in the series if you decide to go with that.
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thanks for letting me know the new book was out! Yes I would participate.
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Ok, cool. Maybe I'll put up a post for the first book in a few weeks or so? I've been meaning to go back and reread them anyways.
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I'd be interested. I love her books!
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