Black Mirror: Playtest
October 21, 2016 9:09 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A young backpacker (played by Wyatt Russell) spends his final days abroad earning some money testing a video game that blows his mind.
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This was very good horror direction (the horror concepts kept escalating, from the named jump scares, to conspiracy to ego destruction, etc) in the service of a so-so script (it's basically a grimdark shaggydog joke)
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Or, it's Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, but with less irony.
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I tend to agree with paper chromatologist above; I have read this story as Owl Creek Bridge and seen it on screen as Jacob's Ladder, plus a dozen descendants of each. It was entirely passable entertainment but was the only episode of Black Mirror that I would not recommend as a starting point to anyone else who wanted to sample the series.

On another note, I learned that Wyatt Russell is the son of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and good lord does he look like a combination of the two of them.
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This was just a few more fleshspiders and a slightly phallic, fleshy veiny knife away from being a Cronenberg movie.
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Found this a bit too much like just a horror movie with a Black Mirror ending tacked on. My wife said the moral was "call your mum". I think it's "don't do beta testing of stuff that plugs into your brain".
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But if he'd called his mom, he would've been fine 😊
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I laughed so much at the "Would you kindly..." line. The repeated still-in-the-dream/simulation fake-outs are so tired as to be expected by now though.
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Ha, yes I noticed the "would you kindly" too, right when the woman wanted to test if he'd do everything she asked him to. It's a reference to Bioshock, for those that didn't get it.
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Way too much time spent on Wiley Russell getting like totally freaked out man by spiders and spooky paintings, like he's at Disneyland losing his mind because there's Goofy standing right there!! And (spoiler for episode 5) Men Against Fire has a similar technological premise and does something a lot more interesting with it.

Cute ending, though.
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Dan "10 Cloverfield Lane" Trachtenberg directed this episode
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I think this is the first Black Mirror episode wherein I've actively rooted against the protagonist. I can't tell if that's the point.
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> This was just a few more fleshspiders and a slightly phallic, fleshy veiny knife away from being a Cronenberg movie.

Yeah, I can think of a good safeword (well, short phrase, really) he could've shouted out when the game needed to be... paused.
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