Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Where Is Josh's Friend?
October 22, 2016 12:04 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Three weeks after the Season 1 finale, things are...complicated.

The opening of Season 2 goes dark fast, with Greg and Paula both confronting their addictions while Rebecca is freshly obsessed with Josh, trying to turn their uncomfortable roommates-with-benefits arrangement into true love no matter how little he reciprocates. Meanwhile, White Josh and Darryl are as usual happier and better-adjusted than everybody else put together #WhiteJoshFeather4Lyfe


This episode features the series' new opening theme, which shifts focus from Rebecca's denial to her fixation. It's also the subject of the (fantastic) stinger sequence.
Love Kernels is a takeoff on Beyonce's Lemonade album, especially Love Drought.
We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now is exactly as hypocritical as you'd expect from the title.

BONUS LINK: The season 1 gag reel went up on YouTube this week.
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The last two seconds of the new title sequence are the show in microcosm: a big showy gesture that most shows would immediately cut away from, but on this show are followed by mounting awkwardness. I love it.
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When he inevitably finds out, will Greg blame himself? Should he?
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I can't believe this premiered opposite the Hamilton documentary. Surely the vein diagram on the two audiences is just one circle.

It hurts so good when they really dig in on what a terrible person Rebecca is. We got a little glimpse of Greg, when do we get to see Valencia?
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Hector and his "why are all my friends in love with this girl?" was awesome.
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So glad to see this back! Love that they dove right into the painful awkwardness of the end of last season. Also: everyone is addicted to some bad substance/obsession/behavior! Love that they are going there.
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Rebecca and Paula have such a healthy thing going. The ways they both depend on each other so much, it's almost... codependent?
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Huh. I admit, I made that comment partway through the episode. I like this new Paula-Rebecca dynamic. More, please!
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