The Great British Bake Off: The Final
October 26, 2016 4:04 PM - Season 7, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The three finalists face their three last challenges before one is crowned champion.
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A very satisfying finale episode, I thought. Andrew's win in the technical kept it exciting, even after the ladies dominated the signature. By the time they were done judging the showstopper, Candace's win seemed like a foregone conclusion, though. She just plain executed better on each individual bake.

Their families were so proud of them and so cute! Cried a bit during that segment, but saved the gross sobbing for the announcement of the winner, when I became EMOTIONS.

What a lovely show this was. I will miss it terribly.
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Candice's husband? Boyfriend? pretty much did me in. Plus, that pug!

Yay, this show. I love you I will miss you.
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Oh! According to the BBC article, Liam is her boyfriend and Dennis is the pug.
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Oh my gosh, who else teared up a bit at the last shot of Candice and Jane? Going on a baking road trip together? Awwwww. I've really loved watching their friendly rivalry, and Andrew made the perfect dark horse contender.
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I knew when her puff was a good bake on the sausage rolls. Shame about Jane's collar, though, would have kept it a bit closer. Also I really liked Andrew's flavor combo on the pavlova challenge.
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Candice and Jane as best baking friends just sent me bawling, after Candice's dad's line about how she was always his winner no matter what made me sob. Jane doing something for herself and being happy and confident and how close they all get - that everyone on GBBO likes each other has been the best part.

I can't believe the series is essentially over. Damn you, 2016.
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Paul's look of confusion when pressed on the significance of his Roman clasp during the signature.

Mary's swan song eye twinkle.

The competition between an excellent classic home baker, an excellent modern trend baker, and an excellent precision baker.

Went out on a high note.
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"I am good enough!" Oh my, Candice, we've all been there, and biggest congratulations to her.

I would have loved to see a successful collar also.
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Before they judged Candice, it seemed to be a toss-up between her and Jane. Once Mary and Paul started rattling off Candice's successes, it was clear she'd be the winner.

I think it's odd that their bakes seem so amateurish at the beginning of the series, but the final is always pretty spectacular.

GBBO will be back on the BBC for two Christmas shows.
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I was convinced that in that long pause before Paul complimented Candice's cake, Candice was going to faint on her own picnic. We were so pleased that she won, and these final three were probably a favorite final trio. (Where is my GBBO spin-off that is Jane and Candice's road trip?)
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I'm very happy that Candice won but am a little disappointed that Benjamina didn't make it all the way through. I would have loved to see a Candice-Benjamina-Jane final (sorry, despite his obviously great name, I was never really a big fan of Andrew.)
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Finally got to watch! Hurrah!
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A great finale to a lovely show. I definitely teared up at the end. All of their families being so proud of them made me smile.

Congrats to Candice and I would totally watch a roadtrip show with her and Jane. They can meet up with Selasi during his bike tour!
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Each year the final episode has topped the previous year and after this one, I'm not sure what they would have done for another final that could have been more difficult for the bakers. I'm so glad Candice won.

I missed all the little bios they did previous seasons and was glad to see that back for the final.
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In the UK we got an extra 11th episode last night, recapping the 2015 Bake Off and interviewing most of the contestants for their thoughts about it and an update on how they're all doing. Has this been shown elsewhere?

It also featured the following exchange between Mat and Nadiya that I vividly recalled from watching last year, after Mat had a complete brain fart (as he readily confessed in a later interview) and baked his royal icing.

NADIYA: Your icing? It's yellow?
MAT: Yeah, I probably left it in the oven too long.
NADIYA: Oven? [gives Mat the most W.T.A.F. stare in the history of, well, staring.]
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I was wondering while I watched if they knew during filming that the show was sold, or if that hadn't happened yet?
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Has this been shown elsewhere?

I don't think this season of Bake Off has been shown (legally) on TV yet anywhere else in the world aside from the UK?
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I don't think this season of Bake Off has been shown (legally) on TV yet anywhere else in the world aside from the UK?

Nope, we've all been watching it on Youtube, which happily the BBC seems not too worried about. Aheming the earlier seasons was a real pain.

I love the Where Are They Now episodes they do after the fact, and cannot wait to see how everyone from 2015 is. Which reminds me, I need to watch the other episodes of Nadiya's show.

As for this final, yes, it was definitely Candice. Her overcooked tarts weren't noticeably a problem, and Andrew's soggy tarts ruined his chances. I am sad Jane's collar didn't work, it looked like it would have been lovely.
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I was very satisfied in Candace's win. I felt like she steadily improved over the course of the season, with a wonderful culmination. I felt like she really worked to overcome her challenges - weird flavour combos and trying to do too much - whereas the other two never really overcame their flaws (Jane's lack of organisation/freestyling sloppiness at times, Andrew's precision meaning he was always running out of time and underbaking).

I would loved to have seen Benjamina in the final, as well, but I thought they were a worthy three - and I had my doubts during the season!

Paul's handshake. God, what a feeling that would be.
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Did anyone watch Extra Slice after the final? Jo asks Mary Berry about her reaction to Paul's Dampfnudel: Mary, when Paul showed you his dampfnudel, be honest, were you a bit underwhelmed? Mary Berry responds: Well, I wasn't actually fascinated. It's just perfect dirty humor.
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Came to this late, but mrs. chazlarson and I are working backward through this wonderful show. Such a joyful display of unremitting positivity. So unlike US reality competition shows, with all the trash talking private interviews. Flora! Nadiya!
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I just finished up this season on Netflix, and I noticed something odd - right before the winner is announced, the engraved cake stand Paul is holding very clearly reads The Great British Baking Show (whereas in reality and in the original broadcast, it must certainly have said The Great British Bake Off).

Did they change the cake stand digitally (which would seem hard to do, since it's transparent)? Or did they make a second dummy cake stand and get a shot of Paul holding it for the benefit of the American PBS and Netflix market? This is incredibly unimportant but I'm so curious.
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