Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Cat and Mouse   Rewatch 
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"A Separatist blockade surrounds Christophsis...," and Anakin Skywalker is the only hope to help break through with much needed supplies for the people and Republic forces on the planet. The Clone Wars chronological rewatch starts now!

"Cat and Mouse," originally aired as Episode 16 in Season 2 of The Clone Wars, but actually takes place, in-universe, before any other Clone Wars adventure. Thus, it's the perfect episode to start our chronological re-watch of The Clone Wars, which weaves all the episodes into proper order, and as a result, helps clarify storylines and themes presented on the show.


I will make a note in every Fanfare post of which episode to watch next, but here's a link to the list of the episodes in chronological order. As one can see, the farther into the show we go, the less incoherent the placement of the episode is, so reducing the amount of jumping around the seasons. For now, I will post twice a week for the series, found in its entirety on Netflix, but available for purchase at other online streaming services.

Episode Information!

For those who want to learn more about "Cat and Mouse," here's a link to the Episode Guide, which includes image galleries and a video extra.

Official Episode Synopsis:
"A wise leader knows when to follow" A Separatist blockade surrounds Christophsis. Anakin's fleet is tasked with deploying relief supplies to the surface but they are massively out-gunned and out-maneuvered by the skillful Admiral Trench. Obi-Wan arrives and unveils the Republic's new weapon: a stealth ship. The stealth ship is the last hope at besting the cunning Separatist fleet commander and aiding the battered people of Christophsis."

Below is trivia mostly taken from the trivia gallery on the episode guide:
  • Among the Republic starships destroyed by Separatist Admiral Trench - according to intelligence reports displayed on Republic Admiral Yularen's screen - are the cruiser The Righteous and the frigate Swift Return.
  • Cut from the episode but present in the script was the name of the Jedi Master in charge of the Republic taskforce at the Battle of Malastare Narrows: Jedi Kep-She.
  • Chronologically, this episode precedes all the others that have been broadcast thus far. "Cat and Mouse" is followed by Season One's "The Hidden Enemy" and then an episode originally titled "The New Padawan," that was re-edited into The Clone Wars feature film.
  • Early in production, Admiral Trench's name was rendered as "Admiral Taranch," a more obvious nod to his tarantula inspiration. Though his name was changed, Yularen's intelligence report shows the original spelling in Aurebesh (the Star Wars in-universe alphabet).
  • The stealth ship in "Cat and Mouse" would later serve as a prototype to the Carrion Spike, a personal ship of Grand Moff Tarkin featured in Tarkin by James Luceno. The same ship later reappeared in Marvel's Poe Dameron comic book series.
Next Time on The Clone Wars!

The next episode is "The Hidden Enemy," from Season 1, Episode 16, which continues the Christophsis storyline!
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Forgot to add, episode synopsis found on the Wookiepedia page here!
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