Real Humans: "Make Haste"
September 13, 2014 8:01 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Thanks to Inger’s efforts Leo is kept alive and the both of them get a chance to talk. The room is decidedly bug-proof but Inger records their conversation with her phone. Leo reveals that Mimi is something special and pleads Inger to keep her save and to convey some information from him. On her way home the phone gets stolen.

Inger takes interest in the whole story and asks Matilda to retrieve information about David Eischer from the state archives. Matilda finds out David Eischer had no parents, his wife and son drowned, and he himself committed suicide 6 months earlier.

We see a flashback to the freeing moment of Bea and that David was emotionally unable to go through with it so Niska took over.

A conflict between Therese, Pilar, Rick and Bo ends in the hubots being turned off. After that incident Rick’s personality flaws start to show as he gropes and stalks two young women. He runs off and then collapses in the middle of nowhere when his battery runs out. Therese is able to find Rick at the recycling facility for hubots.

Tobbe dates a girl, Apolonia, and Hans encourages him to take that relationship to the next level. But when she comes over again, the date does not end well. After that failed attempt at love, Tobbe tells Anita that he is in love with her.

As Roger and Bea profess their love for one another, Bea finally feels save to reveal that she is a hubot. The episode ends with a confrontation between Malte, who attempted suicide in Roger’s basement but was saved by a hubot, and the group of hubots that finally show themselves.
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Interesting scene with Niska activating Bea. So it was Niska's plan all along to establish some sort of life outside of the Eischer home? Did she just liberate Bea? Because it seems like she programmed her to carry out a mission.
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