Fringe: A New Day In The Old Town   Rewatch 
September 14, 2014 7:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Olivia gets into a car crash with a shifty character, while Water makes a custard for Peter's birthday. Broyles works for the FBI and the team waits for the fabric of the universe to come apart. We get storytime with Charlie Francis too. Also, Shakespeare gets butchered.

Episdoe 21 of Season 1 is a "bonus episode" and will be run as it was in production order, partway through Season 2.

This episode serves as an introduction to the series, complete with rehash of overarching themes and new character that needs things explained.
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Continuing on from the last thread, Dunham appearing out of nowhere just after impact poses more problems.

Also .., Charlie! Noooo! Traumatic.
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Around 25:34 RED VINES
Around 27:20 "Is this going to make her head explode?"


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2.30: Introduction of superfluous character! Yay! Whatever happened to her anyway?

Some great, all-purpose lines in this episode:
"BACK OFF, MAN! [He's a scientist.]"
"They're shutting you down?"
"I think I've been waiting for you people my whole life."
"You're coming up on your last chance to turn back."
"Oh wow? Really?"

12.09: Does anyone else get wistful thinking about the Peter/Rachel thing that never was? Rachel so had a thing for Peter.

20.00 The introduction of the typewriter/quantum entanglement device room is so deliciously creepy. Makes my skin crawl every time I see it.

32.00 OMG! Introduction of random New Zealand actress Simone Kessell. Last seen (by New Zealanders, anyway) in terrible pool-themed movie Stickmen. Which tried (and failed) to do for Wellington, NZ, what Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels did for London. Which was little enough to start with.

"White female, black hair." Well, Kessell's actually Maori, but I guess we can't expect Olivia to be totally up on Polynesian ethnicities.

"Go get that bitch!" Disappointed in Olivia for the gendered insult there. And the shapeshifter's not even a woman anyway. Sheesh.
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Makes my skin crawl every time I see it.

Part of it is that mirror shake/shimmer when it's operating. And the creepy keystroke noise. I'd have to listen to it again, but I think it might be reversed keystrokes.
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Oh dang, it's not just any ol' Red Vines either, but bloody goddamn autopsy Red Vines. Yech!
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