3%: Chapter 3: Corridor (Corredor)
November 27, 2016 12:13 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A nerve-wracking trip through a dark tunnel leaves Joana haunted by a vision from her past. Ezequiel receives an unexpected visitor.

*In this episode's test, the group has 5 minutes to reach the end of a dark corridor, under the effects of a hallucinogenic gas. Joana manages to keep hold of her senses and get everyone through, though she is plagued by visions of a young boy and voices saying she is a murderer.
*In flashback, Joana is attacked for hiding a stash of coins from (crime lord?) Gerson. When she sneaks into his home to steal the stash back, she finds a gun and takes that too, and when startled by the sound of a toy car behind her, accidentally shoots and kills Gerson's son. She gets a stolen registration implanted, so that she can escape from Gerson, who has put out a bounty on her.
*The candidates are shown to dorms for a night's rest. Fernando asks Michele about her hallucinations, saying he heard her mention her brother having been killed, and she distracts him by initiating a make-out session.
*Agata, still hallucinating, tries to strangle Joana, but Rafael intervenes. Later, he tells Joana that they should make it a true alliance. And that he has seen now that her registration is faked same as his, so now it's mutual blackmail anyway.
*A little boy, Augusto, sneaks into facility to find Ezequiel. He is the one Ezequiel was trying to bring food to in the slums.
*Ezequiel tells Aline that he knows that Councilor Matheus sent her and why.
*In the morning, Joana finds that the entranceway to the dorms has been walled up.
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So I guess Michele is the truly stone-coldest of the group. I mean, we knew this already from her choosing to trick Brona into getting killed in her place, but, poor Fernando.

(also, never mind my original 1-a-day episode posting plan, I gotta see how this ends today, will post as I go)
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Thank you for posting about this show! I don't know if I would have every found it otherwise and I am loving it! It seems to draw from a lot of dystopian things I have read.

I am curious to learn more about the council.... the way it is framed, Ezequiel seems to be the victim of a power hungry politician, but then, comments from another council member about how they want an easier Process makes me wonder if Ezequiel isn't the bad one. But then they show him caring for this boy and then I feel for him again.
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The members of the group are supposed to be 20-ish, right? The actor playing Rafael struck me in this episode as being much older but when I googled him I learned that he is only in his early 20s. Hmmm, maybe it's the facial hair.

It doesn't seem believable to me that Joana and Rafael were able to detect each other's faked registrations but the council's high tech equipment couldn't. Plus you'd think the candidates would've received actual physical examinations before they started the competitions.

This new challenge looks like it's going to be physically rough on most of them.
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The 'backstory of someone per episode' structure kind of reminds me of Orange is the New Black, in a good way. It's a gradual reveal that works well to underline the current behaviour of each person.

Also, this episode is another classic of minimalist set design. The whole climactic scene could have been shot inside a couple of shipping containers. They are getting a lot out of decent acting from the young cast plus minimal camera effects and a bunch of pretty subtle CG for the displays etc.

And I really like how quickly the cast is differentiating and becoming memorable. When I watch Hunger Maze Trials: Divergified or whatever I can't tell all the good lookin' white American kids (and the two token non-white kids) apart - they're interchangeable due to the wooden performances, gym conditioning and perfect teeth. And they all wear the same short length collarless pleather jacket outfit things in every film. Have you noticed that?

But these kids are instantly identifiable and I give a shit about their characters. It's great stuff.
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Yeah, chiming in to agree that I'm loving the diversity of the cast. And that just when you pigeon-hole one character into their personality trope they turn around and surprise you. Michele is clearly much more cunning than she seems, even from the first episode, then she seems to genuinely like Fernando, but up to a point. Rafael comes off as a total asshole, and owns it, but in the next episode I was pleasantly surprised. The others too. As if the only one that doesn't have a trick up his sleeve is Fernando, but while he's sincere his inner strength and pure willpower can surprise you.
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