Insecure: Broken as Fuck
November 29, 2016 8:16 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The lingering tension between Molly and Issa threatens to resurface during a girls' trip. Lawrence reconnects with his friends.
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Westworld gets all the chatter and attention, but for me this show has easily been the highlight of HBO's Sunday night lineup these past couple months. Bring on s2.
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I never watched Awkward Black Girl and so I was reluctant to give this a try. I was worried that there would be too much cringe/embarrassing humor. Instead, I ended up loving this season. Having Issa's and Molly's friendship at the center and having them actually be good friends to one another made it a stronger show for me. Their season-long dynamic of sort-of fake arguing about one another's failings and then getting genuinely angry with one another felt really honest. Then the show made Lawrence a much better partner in the second half, so the ending really did pack a punch.

Dumb favorite moment of dialogue:
”Do you listen to yourself?”
”All the time, I have a podcast.”
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i agree with rewil - westworld is fine, but this is the show i most look forward to watching on sunday nights. i had never really even heard of awkward black girl before this so i wasn't aware what to expect. the soundtrack for the season is killer and i think it was an incredibly realistic show. really looking forward to season 2!
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Great first season, I wish I had something insightful to add, but it's just really funny and touching.
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