Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)
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After snarky youth Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) loses track of his father at the airport, he mistakenly gets on a plane headed for New York City -- while the rest of the McCallisters fly to Florida. Now alone in the Big Apple, Kevin cons his way into a room at the Plaza Hotel and begins his usual antics. But when Kevin discovers that the Sticky Bandits (Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern) are on the loose, he struggles to stop them from robbing an elderly man's toy store just before Christmas.
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I could watch just the scene where Kevin hucks bricks at Marv over and over and over again.

The rest of this film...okay, maybe not quite as much.
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This was actually my favorite. I loved this one more than the first one.
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I watched the Home Alone movies back to back last Christmas and was struck by how they went from the cartoony home defense setup in the first movie to straight-up torture porn in this one.
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I saw this one when I was younger, and remember strong feelings about how this time Kevin was far more intentional about staying lost and enjoying it, versus the first movie.

It also was part of my education into the disappointment of "what if the first movie but too much" comedy sequels.
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Watched this while putting ornaments on the tree, took time to pause and yell at Donald Trump when he showed up. GTFO of my movie, Donald.
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He also marred my enjoyment of Zoolander earlier this fall. Bah.

I remember seeing this movie in the theaters! Does that make me old?
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This movie did a lot to shape what little positive perception I have of NYC.
posted by kevinbelt at 3:56 PM on December 9, 2016

John Mulaney on Home Alone 2
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