Young Justice: Homefront   Rewatch 
December 15, 2016 5:55 AM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

It’s Die Hard in a Cave as Artemis and Robin face off against a pair of super-powered robots that have taken over Mount Justice.

A straightforward, action-packed episode that gets to show off Artemis’s sweet archery skillz. However, it’s the second episode of a multi-episode arc for Red Tornado, that started in episode 3, with an abrupt ending that leaves things unresolved.

We do get a peek into Aretmis’s dysfunctional family life, and I have a whole lot more to say about Aretmis’s family, and families of the team in general, but I’m saving that for a future installment.

We also get a glimpse of Barbara Gordon at Gotham Academy.

Early in 2014, Boom Studios launched their title Lumberjanes, about a group of teenaged girls investigating the supernatural. Backed by a campaign to get women to go to comic book stores, the series was a huge hit that marked a huge shift in comic book demographics in the US.

DC, in a remarkably fleet-footed attempt to cash in on a trend, came out with their own series, Gotham Academy, in fall 2014, about a group of teenaged girls investigating the supernatural, only set in the DC Universe. This was also a big sales and critical hit for DC, and it worth checking out.
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I didn't get the bit with Dick Grayson taking the selfie at school and saying it would make sense later. Do he and Artemis not both know each other's secret identities already?
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Robin has figured out Artemis's secret identity, because he is the protege of World's Greatest Detective, but Artemis hasn't figured out Robin's. In episode 3, he said that Batman doesn't want him revealing his identity to the team, and makes him wear dark glasses around the cave even when he's out of costume. (He has told his secret identity to Wally, though, possibly in defiance of Batman's wishes).
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