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From the Celebration Bowl to the National Championship, discuss NCAA football bowls & playoffs here!
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Cool! I'll be at the, uh, TaxSlayer Bowl to see Kentucky take on Georgia Tech (go Wildcats - I'm attending with two UK alumni), so I'll report back.

(Yes I am conflicted about football and concussions/other injuries and no it hasn't yet stopped me watching a game every so often but it should.)
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Watching a triple option team in person can be kinda tricky. You never can tell where the ball is!
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The most important game of the season already happened.
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"The most important game of the season already happened."

This is true. I'm an Ohio State alumnus, and people always assume that I think our rivalry with Michigan is the best in sports. It's a good rivalry, but it's nothing like Army-Navy. They stop wars to watch that game.
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I greatly enjoyed the Boca Raton Bowl last night, because:

A) It's called the Boca Raton Bowl, because they know the only attraction is that it's in Florida in December.

2) The over/under was 79.5. Seventy-nine and a half points. When asked why the over/under was 79.5, an ESPN analyst helpfully bellowed "IT'S THE POINTS!"

2.5) Over.

Unfortunately, Desmond Howard revealed himself to be a fuckwad after a targeting ejection, when he advocated a standard of "malicious intent" rather than, say, "hitting a dude in the head with your own head."
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The TaxSlayer Bowl wasn't really a good game until the 4th quarter, but the sun was out in Jacksonville and the atmosphere was good.

There were several injuries (most on the UK side), which is obviously not great, and UK's defense wasn't really performing very well, but despite all that, the 13-hour drive (one way!), and the fact that I picked up the gross cold I'd been avoiding for a week, I'm glad I went.
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