The Librarians: And the Tears of a Clown
December 19, 2016 6:28 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A mysterious traveling carnival holds a sinister secret involving a magician corrupted by the use of real magic.

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*Guest starring Felicia day and Sean Astin, directed by Jonathan Frakes
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The opening scenes with Jenkins and the kid were the best, I agree with the review that it might have been fun to have it be an entirely Jenkins-centric episode.
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Yeah, it felt like it was a solid, ooo, half hour longer than it really needed to be. And somehow Quirky Cassandra came off as Weird Old Lady Cassandra, which was probably not the goal there.

There are times where I wonder if the show is trying to do too much with too little budget, and it comes off kind of threadbare as a result. I frankly really like it when they split up into teams - The Reunion of Evil was a fun show, helped by having an A and a B plot. When they try and shove all four main characters into the plot 100% of the time, it kind of tends towards messiness. But an A plot and a B plot is twice as many scenes to shoot and coordinate and so the expense goes up.
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Sean Astin and Felicia Day are not A-list stars, but I'm sure they don't come as cheaply as the run of the mill bad guy guest. Take that as you will with regards to the budgeting. I imagine they appeal to a certain fan base. Although I don't recall seeing much by way of promos for their appearances.

I liked this episode and don't mind having them all together or in separate groups. Wish the kid that Jenkins befriended had played more of a role in the episode though.

More than anything this show is perfectly fun. It could have a million plot holes (it does), some awful CGI (mmhmm), and hokey story lines (yep) and it doesn't matter because how much fun it is. Pure entertainment. The actors seem to be enjoying themselves, and the writers don't take themselves too seriously. Many other shows could learn a lesson here.

Best part of the episode going straight to my quote repertoire:

"Don't correct me!"

"Don't be wrong!"
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