Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Fugitive, Part 2
January 2, 2017 4:18 PM - Season 4, Episode 12 - Subscribe

B99 fall finale continued! When the ninth and final fugitive -- a triple murderer (guest star Charles Baker) -- eludes the Nine-Nine, Jake has only one person he can go to...

...That's right, Pontiac Bandit Doug Judy (special-est best guest star Craig Robinson)! Doug says he has the goods on his no-good foster brother, but can Jake and Holt really trust him after all these years? Signs point to "maybe!" Meanwhile, Amy and Gina try to re-educate Boyle in proper texting etiquette. Be sure to stay tuned for the shocking (and quite possibly show-altering) mid-season cliffhanger...
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(Housekeeping note: B99's Tuesday night time slot is going to be taken over by new comedy The Mick, while the show goes on an indefinite winter hiatus for the next few weeks. Troublingly, Fox has not yet announced a full or partial pick-up for the back half of S04. Watch this space for more details.)
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I really enjoyed this until I realised that I do not know when B99 will return. Sob.
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Same here. It's probably the least of the Doug Judys, but I appreciate the added twist of making Holt into an unwilling party to Jake and Doug's weird folie a deux friendship.

I'm not worried about Gina getting killed, since the show is basically impervious to any permanent change to its core ensemble. But I am wondering if the fans need to start getting vocal about supporting the show, since Fox seems to be playing its cards very close to its chest with regard to the rest of the season.
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Gertie! Sexarella!
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So does Amy have to move in to Jake's place now?
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That towel joke is about as disturbing as any they have done on the show, and it's not the most tasteful show to begin with.
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i loved the towel joke and I have no idea why. It's the kind of thing that should feel too real for me.

I also loved this bit:
So why was she running?

- Because a strange man started following me to the bathroom.

- Right, because men are horrible and the world is a nightmare, yeah.
I actually saw it on a gifset before I watched the episode and it's the kind of thing that could be read sarcastic but because it's b99 I knew it wasn't, I knew he was serious

Marshawn Lynch's part was weirdly pointless. He didn't move anything forward and it wasn't all that funny.


AFAIK if you watch it on FOX's website within three days after it airs, it counts for the ratings. You have to sign in with your tv provider.
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CROSSING GUARD JAMBOREE. Amy's extracurriculars, past and present, are one of my favorite things. Also her facial expressions.

I thought this two-parter was really enjoyable. Police work! Pointing out that Terry has always been an old man at heart! Doug Judy, selling fake Pekingese! Rosa was a gymnast in addition to be being a ballet dancer! Learning that Holt carries a laminated world map with him, in case he ever needs to prove his point in an argument! LOVE IT.

But ARGH indefinite hiatus. :(
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I loved the "men are horrible" bit out of Jake. And the theme songs. But why kill the dog?

Also, why kill Gina, for that matter? That was fuckall out of nowhere weird.

Why "indefinite" hiatus? What the fuck, y'all?
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anyway update it's back on tuesday april 11 at 8pm
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Well, she did say she'd rather get hit by a bus than get another text from Charles :-)
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Also, Chelsea Peretti is pregnant so maybe they wanted to write around that.
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