American Dad!: Roger Passes the Bar
September 17, 2014 4:18 PM - Season 10, Episode 1 - Subscribe

When Roger suffers a heart attack following the ongoing stress of running his attic dive bar, Roger's Place, he sells the bar to a restaurateur who transforms it into the family-friendly Roger's Spot. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends are entranced by a new woman in the neighborhood (voiced by Jane Krakowski) who introduces herself as a sexual predator interested in teenage boys.

Also, for some reason, Stan makes a habit of stealing toilet paper and the toilets themselves from the bar.
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The image of Stan stealing toilet paper (and toilets) cracks me up. It's such a bizarre nonsense gag; the bar is in Stan's house, so why does he need to steal its parts?

As for the main plot, it's vintage Roger of getting in over his head and then pivoting to embrace the thing he claimed to hate before switching sides again. Roger's personas usually become distinct characters, but this version of Roger seems to be just Roger in a costume, not Roger with a new identity.
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This one was all Roger, and while I love Roger, from a season premiere I was looking for something else. I guess the real premiere is going to be when it switches over to TBS or whatever?
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I think these are just three episodes that FOX is contractually obligated to air, so I wouldn't consider this a season premiere so much as the first of three shows that FOX has to burn off before the show moves to TBS next month.
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Yeah, these three episodes are just leftovers from last season, basically.

That said, it would have been hilarious if they'd really hyped up last week's episodes as the season premiere only to immediately (i.e. within those episodes) switch to hyping this week's as the season finale. Opportunity missed!
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