Fringe: Anomaly XB-6783746   Rewatch 
January 9, 2017 11:29 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Peter, Olivia, Astrid and Walter get help from Nina Sharp as they try to find the answer to defeating the Observers.

The Fringe team try in vain to communicate with Michael, the Observer child. They turn to Nina Sharp, who takes them to a secret Massive Dynamic lab, where she tries to read Michael's thoughts using a mind-computer interface. It does not work, and Nina suggests using a second interface to allow Michael to read their thoughts. By the time they acquire it, Observers led by Captain Windmark have tracked Nina. When they find her in the lab, Windmark starts to probe her and explains that Michael is a genetic anomaly scheduled to be killed. Using the gun of a Loyalist, Nina kills herself to prevent her mind being read. When Olivia, Peter and Walter return to the lab, they find Nina's body and Michael, who survived by hiding in a secret compartment. They mourn their loss.

Back at the Harvard lab, Walter establishes communication with Michael, first with and then without the devices. The team learn from him that Donald is September.

Do you know why you tilt your head in that way? It's an involuntary reflex in your physiology. It changes the angle at which sound waves hit the eardrum, allowing in more stimuli. Like a lizard. I've studied them too. Intriguing characters. Their brains have evolved over 320 million years, yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds. Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming, of contemplating beauty, of knowing something greater than themselves... not unlike your kind. The experiments we conducted right here in this lab, yielded a surprising result, because for all your years of evolution, you inadvertently redeveloped and honed primitive instincts that we moved beyond long ago. So in reality, you're the animal.
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Man, I so much want to get back into the habit of watching and commenting on these old episodes. As it happens, I'm rewatching Fringe right now, but am only up to the end of Season 2.
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