The West Wing: The Leadership Breakfast   Rewatch 
January 10, 2017 7:45 AM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

With Congress reconvening, the White House is planning a "leadership breakfast" to encourage bipartisan cooperation. Toby locks horns in negotiations with the Republican Majority Leader's new Chief of Staff (Felicity Huffman) on minimum wage, against C.J.'s wishes and to a truly disastrous end. Both Sam and Donna try, and fail, to impress an influential newspaper columnist.

Over on TWWW, the guys give us a story they saved from their talk with Emily Proctor for S2E4.

Ann Stark is the most capable Republican we've ever seen on the show, so of course she disappears forever after her single victory over Toby.

This episode aired 16 years ago today; it was the last episode to air during the Clinton administration.
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