My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 337: Seaburglars of the Archipelago
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Last week, we kinda threw our hat over the fence vis-a-vis zagging on y'all. This week, we're trying to adhere to this new philosophy with an episode chock-full of surprises and twists and turns and ... uh ... shocking ... revelations? Suggested talking points: Zag Update, Fushigi Update, Robe Rules, Gary Spangler, Volvo Comms, Good Mugshots, 50 First Fake Dates
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I think I'm going to mail Griffin this to help him get on that trucker life.
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Based on my experiences taking karate, judo, and kung fu, Justin is about to learn that martial arts classes are mostly punching. Just punching and punching and punching, except Judo, which is throwing and throwing and throwing.
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To be fair, muay thai is punching and kicking and punching (and, if you're me, falling over a lot)
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I guess there's no Tim McGraw's Krav Maga branches in Huntington.
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Maybe they started punching on day one because it's tae kwan do, which is famously all about the kicking
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