Sweet/Vicious: The Blueprint
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MTV describes "Sweet/Vicious" as an offbeat superhero story for the millennial generation. It's about unlikely friends Jules and Ophelia taking a stand against those who dare get away with abuse on their college campus.

Jules appears to be the perfect sorority girl, but little do her fellow sisters know that, come nightfall, she adopts a vigilante persona. When computer-hacking weed dealer Ophelia discovers Jules' gig, it rekindles her interest in college life and kick-starts an odd-couple partnership hellbent on exacting revenge -- clumsy attempts and missteps notwithstanding.
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I was waiting for someone else to get into this show! I've never seen Heroes but Jules made me think of Hayden Panetierre. I didn't love the first episode but it gets better.
posted by kat518 at 6:27 PM on January 11, 2017

I think I like this show. I've only watched this episode so far, but it's like the best parts of Buffy without the supernatural metaphors.

Ophelia feels a bit obvious (she's a hacker with teal hair! so punk!), but the actress does well with her role and makes her more than she seems. Jules is more interesting overall, even initially. I like the relationship that develops between the two. (The actresses aren't perfect in these roles but they grew on me.)

I like how grounded and brutal the violence seems. I can buy that Jules could do all of that herself. I like the funny bits (the Wicked part in the car!, the stuff in the bar!)

I'm interested in seeing where this goes. I read a lot of good things about it and it's right up my alley. I'm looking forward to the other episodes (I did buy the whole season -- it was only 7 episodes). It has a lot of that MTV-ness but it's pretty charming, regardless.

(I had to explain this show to my boyfriend, only having read about it. He said "So, like Batman or something" and I said "Yes, basically, exactly." I think he may like it if he could get past the MTV-ness.)
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Ok I watched the first and second ep because of fanfare. Without giving anything away first ep is putting things in place and second ep seriously I'm in love. No spoilers just saying if first ep held any interest, second ep REALLY pays off. I'm hoping people watch because it does Batman with college rape culture well. And I mean well enough I had to stop an episode and walk away. More than once.

I'm 42.
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Somebody recommended this series to me ("the protagonists are pretty much Veronica, Mac, and Wallace in season 3 of Veronica Mars, only more feminist.") and I watched the first five episodes in one go!

It really does remind me of Veronica Mars!!
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I think that this is a great show. The lead actors have great chemistry (I remember British actor Eliza Bennett from Inkheart playing opposite Brenda Fraser and Helen Mirren).

For the love of God tho, please don't look at the IMDB forum for this show.
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Thanks for posting this thread. It made me aware of a show I'd have otherwise overlooked.

Even as a young kid, I typically didn't watch shows with protagonists who were younger than me. Now, as I've aged out of the most desirable demographics for TV audiences, that preference has gotten a little bit harder to maintain, but even so, the appeal of a college-age setting is usually pretty low. But based on the comments here, and the AV Club review I looked up after reading this FanFare post, I took a chance on the show.

Having just watched the final episode of the season, I have to say thanks to everybody who posted for opening my eyes up to this series.
posted by sardonyx at 8:07 PM on January 26, 2017

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