Frequency: Negative Copy
January 11, 2017 9:08 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Raimy and Frank end up in the thick of things. Meanwhile, Frank learns the meaning behind a betrayal.
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AV Club recap - Time-travel timelines get wonky on Frequency

I didn't get the significance of who the truck was registered to (Doris someone?) that Raimy called a license plate look-up for. Was that the woman that told Deacon Joe about the church money theft? But I guess we've gotten to an explanation of sorts for why the Nightingale murders ended earlier in the original no-Frank timeline. If the missing brother was the real killer, maybe without Frank & Raimy's investigations, Deacon Joe killed him back in '96, but with the timeline change of Joe going to jail for the theft the brother continues killing?

I did like the shifting timelines in these past two episodes, but, with only 2 episodes left I just really hope they find a way to wrap up the storyline. Probably too much to hope for a 2016 Raimy + older Frank reunion though.
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