A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room: Part One   Show Only 
January 15, 2017 5:43 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

After the Baudelaires move in with Dr. Montgomery, a renowned expert in reptile behavior, their new guardian hires a frighteningly familiar assistant.

Plot developments:
*The murdered Gustav worked as Dr. Montgomery's assistant; Count Olaf disguises himself as new assistant Stephano.
*When Olaf chases the children around the house with his knife, Klaus drops the mysterious object he found in the burned-down Baudelaire mansion. Also, Olaf says that he is the one who took the photo of Monty & the Baudelaire parents inside the piano.
*At the movies - a double feature of "Zombies in the Snow" (starring Gustav and Jacquelyn) and "Men in Beige" at the Murnau theater, Monty decodes a message in the subtitles telling him to take the children on the SS Prospero to Peru.
*An unfortunate event occurs to Monty in the Reptile Room at episode's end.

Defined by Lemony Snicket this episode: at large, dramatic irony

Inventions this episode: none


Stephano: In all honesty, I prefer long-form television to the movies. It's so much more convenient to consume entertainment from the comfort of your own home. [pointed look to camera]

Mother: Ah, well, that was a narrow escape full of incredible twists and astonishing acrobatics. Can you walk?
Father: Better than I can waltz.
Mother: If we're lucky, we'll be with the children by bedtime. Any idea where this tunnel lets out?
Father: I'd say judging by the barometric pressure and watery winds, somewhere south of Winnipeg.
Mother: [opens tunnel door to find a chasm & waterfall] Peru.
Father: Like I said. South of Winnipeg.

Count Olaf: Terrible ending. The villagers should have been eaten like, in Citizen Kane.

Lemony Snicket: I'm sorry to say this was the last time the screeching iguana clock would strike before the arrival of dramatic irony. But as Dr. Montgomery promised no harm would come to the Buadelaire orphans in the Reptile Room. But I regret to say that great harm would come to Uncle Monty.
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Took me way too long to get the 'Men in Beige' reference. Cute, Sonnenfeld. (But now I want to see some fake-movie-poster art.)
posted by oh yeah! at 5:51 AM on January 15, 2017

Aasif Mandvi !!!!
posted by Pendragon at 9:33 AM on January 15, 2017

Aasif Mandvi was fantastic. The lighthearted hating they did on seeing movies in the theater was cute. I really am glad that they're being secret messages and decoding into the show.
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I just read the comments on the first episode, and Zombies in the Snow seems like a pretty clear Guy Maddin reference (Winnipeg!).
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Finally getting the chance to watch these, after loving the books, and wanted to say that Aasif Mandvi is delightful as Uncle Montgomery. I didn't think anything could make me hate what happens to him more, but his lovingly weird characterization of him really made it hit hard for me.
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