Dangal (2016)
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Blockbuster inspirational sports drama based on a true story: former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat decides to teach his daughters to wrestle. Indian film star Aamir Khan stars -- and produces it, along with Walt Disney Pictures. Dangal is "the second highest grossing Indian film of all time".

Trailer, one of the song montages (with a bit of a rap feel), English Wikipedia on the movie.

Appealing elements include: Music, perseverance, girls and women succeeding, a dad who 100% believes in his daughters, Indian women/girls onscreen with HELLA short hair -- I mean, like buzzcut, 1 inch or less -- and girls being formidable athletes in contests with girls and with boys.
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Shoot - this looks really fun but it seems like I missed my window. It is playing here in the bay but seems like it will be gone before this weekend when I have time to go see it :(
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It's still playing near me in NJ, but I can't tell if the theater would be playing it with English subtitles or not. Disney being a distributor/producer makes me think it has a good chance of turning up on Netflix or cable eventually though, no?
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Honestly, it's stupid this movie didn't play in wider release here in the States. This is a Grade A, top shelf, crowd pleaser of the kind that would make serious hay at the Oscars were it not relegated to an ostensibly niche Indian market.

This is the kind of good movie my mom sits around hoping for, and she'd love it, if I could convince her to brave the subtitles.
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DirtyOldTown, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! You might be amused by this review by my partner: ".... the hugeness of Dangal magnifies the working parts of a sports movie so that they're impossible to miss, much like the way Plato's republic is designed to make obvious the virtues that go into an individual human being...."
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