Dangal (2016)
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Blockbuster inspirational sports drama based on a true story: former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat decides to teach his daughters to wrestle. Indian film star Aamir Khan stars -- and produces it, along with Walt Disney Pictures. Dangal is "the second highest grossing Indian film of all time".

Trailer, one of the song montages (with a bit of a rap feel), English Wikipedia on the movie.

Appealing elements include: Music, perseverance, girls and women succeeding, a dad who 100% believes in his daughters, Indian women/girls onscreen with HELLA short hair -- I mean, like buzzcut, 1 inch or less -- and girls being formidable athletes in contests with girls and with boys.
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Shoot - this looks really fun but it seems like I missed my window. It is playing here in the bay but seems like it will be gone before this weekend when I have time to go see it :(
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It's still playing near me in NJ, but I can't tell if the theater would be playing it with English subtitles or not. Disney being a distributor/producer makes me think it has a good chance of turning up on Netflix or cable eventually though, no?
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