Colony: Zero Day
January 27, 2017 8:11 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

On the anniversary of the Arrival, memorials turn violent. Beau and Will work on a plan to get out of the Bloc. Synder learns that there is a move to oust him. Maddie makes a power play. Katie and Broussard work with their new cell to kidnap a VIP. Secrets are revealed.
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I was thinking going into this episode that there were a lot of secrets piling up in this family. Katie's work with the resistance; Will's knowledge of that work; Bram's knowledge of the tunnel; and the religious indoctrination of their daughter.

Pretty much all of it spills out here, with the exception of Bram's knowledge of the tunnel. And, of course, the critical new secret there is that Will and Homeland know about it too - a fact which Bram doesn't learn, so I expect he's going to get arrested.

The great part about the showdown scene between Will and Katie is that neither of them is really wrong; they've both been lying and concealing and the end result is a situation that leaves the family being pulled apart.

I hope Beau got out, because somebody needs to.

And the raid has paid off with a Host, which should be very interesting. I liked the fact that for all of Katie's determination, her minimal training still means that Broussard carries the load when it comes to action - she hasn't become a gunslinger overnight.
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I finally got around to watching these last two episodes last night.

I thought Maddie's arc really paid off here. I think she is a really great example of the more real-world kind of moral challenges inherent in an occupation - get close to people because of what they can offer, tear down others to improve your own position, etc.

So much for the no aliens theory!
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So much for the no aliens theory!

Well, who knows what's actually in the suit? :)
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4 fingers on the gloves makes me think something other than human.

But maybe they are time travellers come from our far future.
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Maybe they're cartoon characters from a 2D universe that projected themselves into ours.

Or, what if they're mechanical or robotic? It's a classic Carlton Cuse reveal, in that it leaves a ton of questions open even as it satisfies our curiosity about whether the Raps actually exist at all.
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Yeah, they've left so many plot lines open and unanswered they can go just about anywhere they want.
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Well, who knows what's actually in the suit?

This was the best screencap I could grab from the strobey lighting.

I'll throw in a little to the 'raptor' bird-like alien in an exo suit. Those limbs are rather thin, with elongated phalanges. Looks like, possibly, an opposable thumb. Can't quite see here, but the feet look maybe like splayed digits not unlike birds. Roughly human sized, if maybe a bit taller. The torso is inconsistent, but (possible) aliens so whatevs.

My independent bet is a humanoid robot/telepresence drone.

re: Maddie's arc

Hell yes, but, ugh. Her boss sucked but Maddie betrayed her to the occupiers/sympathizers. Might have worked 'better' for me if her boss was a sympathetic character instead of one reviled, to better show how shitty being occupied is and how it causes people to betray their comrades. I'm definitely not describing my thoughts about this at all well. Yes, yay Maddie, but...
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Oh hay guise!

What if Rap isn't for Raptor but for Rapture?

Episode 7, opener in the churchey thing; preacher person was saying something about 'becoming greater' and 'transformation' and other rapture-y stuff.

I couldn't find the screen of the children's 'Greatest Day' book but there was a full page classic 'get sucked up into the flying saucer' image.

The Occupiers are Rapturists.

(Or using the 'Left Behind' trope for some reason.)
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The Occupiers are Rapturists.


But I can see that, actually. From the religion to the reverent descriptions given by people who've met them, it seems likely that the Raps are aware of human religious tropes and are perhaps consciously molding their public image to play into them. This could also explain why they're so interested in art. It'd be interesting to have a list of works that were mentioned as being "sent up" to them.
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We're definitely hooked for Season Two.

Now that we've seen Beau in person, so to speak, it raises the question: how did the person who took the photo of him, the one that Will and Katie were shown, know who it was? Does it suggest active and informed surveillance outside the wall?
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I think nubs said they weren't going to get around to Season 2 until it's on Netflix (or something to that effect), but I'm sure it'd be ok if you wanted to start your own threads for the new episodes.
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Oh, heck yeah - just because I did S1 doesn't mean anyone can't go and start up threads for S2. I'll get there eventually.
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Naw nubs, I at least was thanking you for turning me onto the show and it was a fun that I really appreciated. If we could afford you the same (original) sensation for S2 (by waiting until it was on Netflix which you could then access), I'm all for that.

2nd View for me won't be a problem.

If you're *really* ok with a thread for Season 2, I (and apparently a few others) are onboard and might be probably talking about it.

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I really ok with it - please, go ahead and enjoy! It just means at some point I'll come along and revive those threads with my devastating insights that you all missed the first time around :)
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