Adventure Time: Islands Part 6: Min & Marty
February 2, 2017 6:45 AM - Season 8, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Kara takes Finn and Jake to Founders' Island so Finn can meet his mother, Minerva. On the voyage we learn how Minerva and Martin met and about Finn's past.
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It's kind of a bummer that the series doesn't get the attention it used to because this is really far and away one of my favorite episodes overall. This whole story arc was the first time in a while where I felt Adventure Time had surpassed Steven Universe in their particular niche. I'm generally a fan of keeping the world of the series somewhat mysterious, but the answers here are emotionally satisfying to me even if they don't fully gel with what's been previously hinted at. A+ beautiful storytelling, A++ weird-trippy-colorful art direction, A+ references to whacked out 90s virtual worlds, super happy the world outside of Ooo is so completely bonkers and SCP K-classed up.

Sigh. It's so quiet in these threads these days.
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I watched, and loved the whole mini series.
Adventure time's strength is the willingness to really expand the world, and also the world is flexible enough in it's rules to allow them that.

It's also a condition of the universe that nothing quite works how you'd think, but in a complicatedly consistent/inconsistent way. That makes sense to me (both my previous sentence and the nature of AT's universe).
So that lets them play with it in ways that other universes can't.

(I'll try to be less quiet)
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Just re-watched this mini series and holy crap it is so good. I wish I had something more insightful to offer, but DAMN.
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This gels completely with what's been hinted at though? We knew that Finns dad left him alone in the ocean and that's it. I guess the raft drifted to Ooo. I'm pretty sure the tune of the bread toy was supposed to remind you of Finn's Buff Baby song. (One of my favorite things about this show are all the unlikely sentences I get to write)
Also if you go back to Reboot/Preboot where we first meet Dr Gross it was clearly written in concert with all of this.
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I also like this show more than I like Steven universe. I personally find it more authentically wholesome. Whereas SU has creeped me out too many times to trust them like that again.
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I know these may be considered "fightin words round these parts"
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