Adventure Time: Islands Part 8: The Light Cloud
February 3, 2017 11:55 AM - Season 8, Episode 14 - Subscribe

The mini-series finale.

Finn decides it is time to go back to Ooo, but Minerva wants to keep Finn on Founders' Island at any cost to keep him safe. Finn tries to convince the other humans they should join him in leaving the island
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This was really great. I was so scared going into it but this show has not let me down yet.
One thing I was thinking about was how Minerva and Dr Gross are parallels with Princess Bubblegum and Finn. Both PB and Dr Gross feel a responsibility for keeping their people safe and both tend to go to extremes without someone to put them in check. They are both the ones in the lab and pro-actively solutioning. PB has a support system around her to provide the necessary feedback to prevent her from going too far, and the temperament to listen (like in the recent ep with Tree trunks and the aliens) but Gross doesn't, and look how that ended up.

Then there's Finn and his mom. Both are also compelled to go to extremes to protect their people but unlike Gross & PB who are actively researching and coming up with new solutions, Finn & Minerva are more often in a reactive mode to cleaning up someone else's mess. Minerva obviously had to clean up Gross's mess. And Finn is usually cleaning up some catastrophe he finds in his travels. And then there's Martin, who also went to the extreme end of his spectrum since this happened. Whatever soft side he had when Finn was a baby is completely ground away when Finn sees him for the first time at the Citadel - it's like he barely even remembers the person he was back then. Because he didn't have Finn and Minerva or even society to check those baser impulses. So it's kind of like we find out at the end of this novel that the previous generation were prone to extremes and with no checks and balances, that way of living is dangerous and hurts people even without bad intent. Love and honesty are how our heroes keep each other on the right path.
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I just wrote this mini essay on my phone. Would have been better at my computer. But u get the gist.
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Oh yeah and Jake is also a parallel with Martin. Jake had a somewhat criminal past too and is very happy go lucky. Jake is often a check on Finn and Minerva lost that balance when she lost Martin. Every character is a balance on each other. There's a word I'm thinking of that I can't remember that means middle but it's a verb.
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It's "moderating". Ok I'll stop now
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Don't worry about it bleep, I appreciate it. I do, very insightful remarks.

My stoic resolve just vanished with this one. I'm probably going to share too much but here it is. I resented my mother for making me an orphan. When I finally tried to find her I found out she'd been dead for years. I'll never know why she abandoned me. So I cried through most of this.

This may be my imagination, but I think Finn meeting his dad was way different. He tried to involve him in a heist as a kind of patsy? And Finn rebelled, he's not robbing anyone, it's against his character alignment. Not even for his dad. His dad is only out for himself. Contrast that with his mother who just wants to keep everyone else safe, even if that means uploading her brain. I think the animation showed that this meant she destroyed her physical body. An act of self sacrifice, something his dad would never do.

Bleep, I think the word is 'fulcrum'.
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I just realized how much this makes me hate Lost even more. Everyone involved with Adventure Time will freely admit that they have no plan, they're making it up as they go along, and in spite of it all, they still manage to deliver gut-punching conclusions to all their characters' arcs.
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