The Young Pope: Episode Eight
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The Refinery29 recap:

Sister Antonia is killed by her own water stash. Was it poisoned? Did God strike her down? It is purposely vague.

We're supposed to think it's a result of Lenny's prayer? But I thought the cut to Voiello's face towards the end of the scene was very suggestive.

(And we still haven't found out what they did with Tonino Pettola, either.)
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A.V. Club goes with Death By God Via Prayer for Sister Antonia - I was unclear what happened to her, too, and I think that's probably the point. Was it God, or one of God's servants? (And would a saint really kill, or convert the sinner to a non-sinner? Seems pretty Old Testament God to me, before Jesus came a long and lightened everyone up.)
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I feel like the show definitely wants us to believe that Lenny has some sort of divinity. Maybe that's supposed to indicate that the God that exists in the show's universe is actually the sort of God that would want hardline conservatism, if that's how he deals with the wicked.
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I think Esther's pregnancy, Sister Antonia's death, and whatever childhood event Sister Mary alludes to when she insists on Lenny's sainthood are supposed to make us think Pius XIII is capable of miracles. So I'm also going with death by laser-pointed wrath of God. (on preview, what codacorolla said)

What happened to the kangaroo? It looked as though it had been attacked by an animal, not a human, but I didn't see any other animals in the gardens (at least, nothing large enough to take on a kangaroo). I feel like its death meant something, because both the kangaroo and Lenny were effectively orphaned and out of their element. Was this God's way of telling him to kill the boy and let the man be born?

(And we still haven't found out what they did with Tonino Pettola, either.)

Initially I assumed they just told him to pipe down, because why would you show up in full regalia just to kill somebody? (Anyway it must be impossible to get blood out of jewel-encrusted silk.) But at the rate the show's going I wouldn't be shocked if they had killed him and his incorruptible body resurfaces just in time for him to make good on his threat to start a new church.

I thought I kind of had a handle on this show, but now I'm not so sure. Especially vis-à-vis the homophobia -- just two episodes ago I wrote this long comment about how Andrew's relationships were healthier and more decent than Lenny's, and now the show has killed him and Sister Antonia in back-to-back episodes. Apparently Pius XIII's God uses the same rules as the writer of a teen horror film?
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Best part.

Pilot: Holy Father, the weather conditions in Rome are critical. We're going to have to land in Naples.

Pius: I would never dare to contradict you. Naples it is. . . (Pius looks at instrument panel) May I touch

Pilot: No.

Authority is relative.
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FYI: Pius's theme is "Levo" by Recondite.

I also kinda dug the color swap when they first arrive at the mission (but with their True Color Hats underneath).
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So much shirtless Lenny at the start. That physical therapy scene in the underpants was delightfully homoerotic. But what sort of PT was that? Rolfing?
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My husband noticed that they used a set that's used in Westworld. A commenter on AV Club notes that it's on the Universal Back Lot and was also in Arrested Development.

I then spent a really long time looking at the pics of Universal Studios back lot, which are sort of fascinating. I would love to see examples of each set being used. They all look vaguely familiar (which I guess is the point).
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