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September 21, 2014 7:02 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Claire enters into a forced marriage with Jamie, but soon begins to experience deeper feelings for him.
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The actor who played the priest really stood out for some reason.

Most of the other stuff I have to say about this episode should really stay between me and my wife. ;)
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The priest stood out for me, too, and eventually it hit me that he's kind of a doppelganger for Athelstan from Vikings. :)
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WTF Dougal? That struck me as out of character for how he's been portrayed so far. I'm going to be disappointed if he turns into a vengeful creeper.
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Actually, I forgot about the scene in the Castle where Dougal tried to have his way with Claire and she knocked him out, so I'm probably misunderstanding the character. Still, he was pretty drunk then, so the boldness of his proposition still seems odd to me.
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There was also that time in episode 2 or 3 when Claire got the impression that Dougal was the father of the Laird's son, implying a history of philandering.
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I'll go ahead and admit that I was bummed out by the awkwardness in the bedroom. I guess it could be seen as refreshingly different, to have the first sexual encounter between your protagonists be cringe-worthy and "meh" after all the build-up, but that charm was lost on me. The whole idea of Claire choosing to get drunk enough to forget the details of the ceremony was sad and off-putting, as was her attempt to drink even more to endure the wedding night. I just felt sorry for her and the predicament she's in. Glad things improved towards the end considerably, but still.

Not surprised in the least by Dougal. I thought he's been obviously leching after Claire for several episodes now in that grumpy, growly, haughty War Chief way. Didn't expect him to make a move though. Oh old dudes who completely overestimate your own sex-appeal, you've been around for millenia, haven't you?

The ring with Claire's reflection on it in the end was beautifully shot.
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