The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World
February 12, 2017 9:49 AM - by Dalai Lama - Subscribe

So the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu got together and talked about joy for a week. This resulting book is an accessible and actionable journey into the essential practice of experiencing and sharing joy.

Both winners of the Nobel Prize and both great spiritual masters and moral leaders of our time, the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama are also known for being among the most infectiously happy people on the planet.

The book is a three-layer birthday cake: their own stories and teachings about joy, the most recent findings in the science of deep happiness, and the daily practices that anchor their own emotional and spiritual lives.

Both The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu have been tested by great personal and national adversity, and here share their personal stories of struggle and renewal. Now that they are both in their eighties, they especially want to spread the core message that to have joy yourself, you must bring joy to others.

Most of all, during that landmark week in Dharamsala, they demonstrated by their own exuberance, compassion, and humor, how joy can be transformed from a fleeting emotion into an enduring way of life.
(descriptions pulled from the book's website)
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I'm not finished yet, but I've been enjoying this. Lots of underlined passages. I didn't know much about Desmond Tutu before reading this book; I didn't know one of his daughters is gay, for example. It makes me want to learn more about apartheid -- like I know the outlines of the history, but not anything in particular. I guess the same goes for Tibet.
posted by lilac girl at 8:25 AM on March 19, 2017

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