Bates Motel: Dark Paradise
February 21, 2017 5:41 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

I really liked this. I was really interested in how the relationship between Norman and Norma seems to have become even more confrontational now that she is entirely within his head. A great perspective on his own tormented inner struggle. My wife is obsessed with this show and with Rihanna. She is practically squeeing with anticipation of seeing RiRi as Marion Crane.
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I hadn't really paid attention to when this was returning, so what a thrilling surprise to see it pop up on the DVR this week, and how bittersweet to begin the much-awaited final season of the saddest show on TV. Getting to know Norman's internal reality and torment in much more detail is definitely fascinating. He's so alone and unable to help himself. The sense of tragic inevitability that was there all along is so much stronger now.

From the preview snippets at the end, this should be a rip-roaring send-off.

I still can't buy that the doctor never followed up at all on a released patient he knew full well was dangerously disturbed, but whatever. *suspends disbelief and buckles up*
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I really, really still miss and grieve for real live Norma, though.
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Also, I found it interesting that Dylan/Emma and Alex are apparently still going to play a big role in the final season. I thought at the end of last season they did a good job of clearing the floor to put the spotlight squarely on Norman.
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At the end of last season, I wasn't sure whether that was a "floor clearance" or just a plausible way to get them out of the picture long enough for Norman and HeadNorma to have some nice leisurely quality time to go good and crazy together before the shitshow. Guess it's the latter.

I loooooooooooove it when Norman acts like a snide tantrum-throwing asshole to Alex (it's a nice respite from the despair), so I hope A's presence means there's some of that coming up!
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