Taboo: Episode 7
February 24, 2017 8:18 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

A funeral, a betrayal or two, an answer or three, some torture, and a cliff-hanger. Even when all seems lost, James has a plan to save him and those loyal to him -- he just needs a ship.

It’s been a long wait, but Taboo has finally delivered an episode that lives up to its abundant potential. Here was pace, tension, consequence and even some explanation, before the mad mother of all cliffhangers. Even Edward Fox, as Delaney’s dad Horace, was given something else to do other than lie on a slab, even if it was just to turn around, scowling. ~ Telegraph review

However, as bleak as Delaney's adventures are, there's still hope that Hardy will foil the show's cantankerous villains, woo his half-sister back, and set sail for Nootka Sound with his motley crew of the damned. But here are the things that need to happen before he leaves this grimy, muck-entrenched town behind. ~ Thrillist review

More from Thrillist: The Real history of Nootka Sound.
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I have been puzzled about what the heck Edward Fox is even doing here. I mean--you cast Edward Fox, but you give him no lines? Does he maybe do something in a flashback during the finale?

Chichester is an interesting foil to Delaney, inasmuch as he's equally single-minded but on a crusade that is not about his personal profit. More of a "hero" than the show's protagonist, to be sure...
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I want Tom Hardy to appear in a dream to me and just look straight into my eyes and say "I have a use for you" and I would wake up and feel like I know exactly what my purpose is in this world.
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