Big Little Lies: Serious Mothering
February 26, 2017 4:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Madeline feels slighted by Renata and gets bad news about her community-theater production; Ziggy asks Jane why they moved to Monterey; Celeste tells Perry they should seek counseling; Nathan and Ed have a tense meeting about their wives.
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Couple thoughts on the whodunit aspect of the show:
- The twins are a bit creepy in a way I can't totally explain. Nevertheless, the way they nonchalantly said Ziggy didn't hurt Amabella and that somehow the hippo loses a leg while in their possession makes me think they're the ones who hurt Amabella.
- There was talk about why Jane moved to Monterey and she seems to have a canned answer that doesn't really say much. I realized that we haven't learned anything about Ziggy's dad (that I can recall) and she went to bed with a revolver under her pillow last episode. Also, I think in the opening credits there is someone holding a similar or the same gun. Something seems fishy here. That being said, it seems like every character has reasons to hurt some other character.
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Totally agree that the twins did it.

I loved the scene of Madeline's two husbands having their discussion/disagreement, mostly because it seemed like a discussion women would have.

Nicole Kidman's character is creeping me out. Mostly the relationship with her husband, but also the way she just watches Jane and Madeline.
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Ok, I liked this more than the first ep. I'm reminded a little of the play "God of Carnage" (there's a film version, "Carnage," but I like it better on stage), where a fight between two little kids at school leads the parents to meet and try to work things out cordially, only to have their worst possible selves emerge.

It's amusing me that they keep showing Madeleine's young daughter as being in charge of the family's music choices, but the music playing is decidedly adult and mature, where I cannot possibly see a 1st grader liking it.
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