Samurai Jack: XCII
March 12, 2017 9:02 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

"Oh, there it is, babe, the world-famous scowl. Well, come on, Sammy baby, whip it out. You know what I'm talking about, that crazy sword. Let's get slicin' and dicin', swingin' and bashin, hackin' and slashin', babe. Wait, back up, beardsly. Where. Is. Your sword?"
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Stylish as ever.
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Somehow, I've never seen past part of the first season, so I'm watching it all now in series. I'm up to the 3rd season, but I skipped ahead to watch this. As such, I can't comment on the animation in the 4th season, but this is a gorgeous episode. Not that the prior seasons were unappealing visually- on the contrary, they were also beautiful, but this is more detailed and lush, while retaining the style from the past.

The plot was good, but I think I'm missing a bit from the later 3rd and full 4th season, even Genndy said that you don't need to watch everything to watch this. While that is generally true, I feel like there are small pieces I'm missing yet.
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The Artistry Of Samurai Jack (Digg video)

Not about this episode particularly, but a cool breakdown of the show's distinctive design elements and the changes in the new season.
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Nice, thanks for the Digg video (direct YT link)
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Still a gorgeous show. The leaves in the forest were lovely, even if Jack is now roaring through them on a lawmaster rather than contemplatively stepping through.

The Music Warrior was a brilliant villain. Did not expect him to just start scatting when he lost the flute. The show has done that kind of fast-talking villain before, the contrast with Jack always works, but rarely as well as this.

It was good to see a hint of the old humour in the contrast between the assassins' cult praying for Aku to return vs the robot just calling him. Was worried that new serious times Jack would lose that.
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I never watched the last season (4) either, so I'm rewatching the whole thing now. I did go ahead and watch this one. It was so gorgeous! I loved the bad guy, with his multiple names (the show has a penchant for those, but it's always great).

Hulu has the whole series to stream (not sure if you need the commercial free $12 account). I just watched the premiere movie. Things I noticed:
- when he lands in the future and the police(?) car was shooting at him, he didn't react because he's never seen a gun until a bullet pierced his gi and another scratched his face.
- the futuristic teens that called him Jack uses a lot of slag that we actually would hear today! Exaggerated multi-syllable adjectives and repurposing of common words.
- the talking dogs sitting at the round table with Jack totally reminds me to the poker-playing dogs painting.

interesting trivia: Greg Baldwin, who voices Aku now, is "known for replacing actor Mako Iwamatsu in a number of voice roles after the latter's death in 2006", including Uncle Iroh in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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oh oh I just realized the helmet of his armor is very similar to the helmet he made when he fought with the dogs in the premiere movie! he also fights the same beetle drones!
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I'm assuming the scatting robot was supposed to be kind of an homage to Sammy Davis, Jr... but I kept hearing Dennis Miller, babe.
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Okay, I guess I finally get the "bards are REALLY annoying" thing.
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> this is more detailed and lush, while retaining the style from the past

This show was made to be widescreen. Nothing else ever made sense.
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I'm assuming the scatting robot was supposed to be kind of an homage to Sammy Davis, Jr...

I was reminded of the purple gorilla from way back in the Johnny Bravo pilot short! Scaramouch was voiced by Tom Kenny (Spongebob, among many others) but I don't remember if he voiced the gorilla.
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mods - please delete, this comment was meant for next episode
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