The Walking Dead: Bury Me Here
March 13, 2017 9:48 AM - Season 7, Episode 13 - Subscribe

During a supply drop between the Kingdom and the Saviors, things don't go as planned.
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I really enjoyed the moments Carol, Morgan, or King Ezekiel were on screen. Morgan and Carol together were particularly moving to watch. It took me by surprise because The Walking Dead isn't the same quality of show it used to be. I wish the whole march to war wasn't so inevitable.
posted by cfoxhi at 9:53 AM on March 13, 2017

Wow, action that's relevant and moves the story forward. Winston cage-fighting is fun and all, but when combat actually has motivation and consequence it carries a gravity.

And cinematography with symbolism that illuminates a characters internal dialogue, not just shots of someone walking through a forest to kill time! I remember they tried to do an arty episode like this a season or two back and just mangled it.

Good job Walking Dead writer(s) and/or director(s)! Keep it up. Please.. you can be so bad and lazy...just...try. Please.
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What I liked: nuance. Except for the guy who shot young cannon fodder in the leg, characters had obvious, non-moustache-twirling motives for what they were doing: Negan's crew chief appears to be an okay guy forced/willing to do an evil job. Ezekiel's guy was willing to sacrifice himself (and not Carol) for what he saw as the greater good. Morgan killed Ezekiel's guy, not just because he was trying to start a war, but because Morgan saw too much of himself in him, and too many reminders of how Morgan failed his own family.

What I hated: the lame smash to commercial after the shooting, leaving you in "suspense" for a commercial break, even though it was pretty obvious that young cannon fodder was for the chop, what with all the character development he had earlier in the episode.
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Carol's back! Carol's back! Carol's back! (kermit arm-flailing)
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I was pleasantly surprised by this episode - least of all because Carol's back (or as Ezekiel might say, "Let us now rejoice, for she has returned to us!").

Personally, I'm still waiting to find out whether the Saviors ever discover what the Kingdom has been doing with those pigs they've been offering as tribute (letting them feed on walkers before taking them to the drop).
posted by Roger Pittman at 4:39 PM on March 13, 2017

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