iZombie: Zombie Knows Best
April 12, 2017 12:20 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A fatal car accident has evidence of a murder. Liv and Major needs the victims' brains for their appetite, so Liv gets uptight dad brain while Major gets angsty teenage girl brain. Clive continues his investigation into the murder of the zombie family that includes a boy, Wally, a former neighbor.

This was a hilarious episode, Robert Buckley plays a great teenage girl!
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Line of the episode: "She slept with Blaine, which, first of all, ew, and second of all, I can't even!"
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So...Can somebody catch me up here...I thought Fillmore/Graves were the bad guys. Why are Liv and Babineau working with them? I missed last week's show, so I'm already behind, I guess.

This was a fun episode.
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I suggest you watch last weeks show, it explains everything.
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So the brain-mush tubes. Do they all come with a little Tabasco bottle like MREs? How long do the preservatives work? Do the kid zombies double-team them with Gogurt? (How would kid taste buds interact with zombiedom re: need for spice anyway?) I am fascinated.
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Yeah, this was fun. More time with Clive is always good with me, and Major totally killed it. 'Oh my god, your abs are, like, sculpted out of marble!' Bwahahaha.

I also liked the dual visions that refused to sync up right. Ravi attempting to trigger a vision in Liv with the phone cracked me up.

Got high hopes for this season. :)
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Oh, and I love their IT guy.
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I was super convinced that their IT guy is a zombie on goth brains.

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I was super convinced that their IT guy is a zombie on goth brains.

I so hope he's just a human who is completely on the level.
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I have all the 😍 for the new goth forensic tech guy.
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Goth IT guy is actually a vampire....
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Love the show still. But i would totes watch a Clive spinoff. And/or Ravi.
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I'm always skeptical of when some sudden, deep bond is dropped onto the audience out of the blue, but having Wally as the origin of Clive's GoT addiction is pretty great and makes it all okay.

Also having an episode where it's all Clive having the flashbacks is an interesting subversion of the formula.
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Major on teenage girl brain = my ideal man
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I had a conditioned moment where I was afraid of gay panic jokes when Major was envious of the dudes' marble abs, and realizing a split second late why this wasn't going to happen made me chuckle with delight.

Witnessing the dynamic between Wally's mom and Clive was so great. Good work in using just a couple of scenes to show us some real personality and relationship development with a lot of warm, realistic detail. Most shows would have used much less effort in the writing there.
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The flashbacks and backstory for Clive were great, it was a lovely expansion of his character. Major on teen girl brain was completely hilarious.
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Major as a teenage girl and Liv as a reassuring fix-it dad were just a delight.
And I gotta give kudos to the handling of the flashbacks in this one.

Who was that last guy who lived next to the zombies? I should recognize him but don't somehow.
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The actor is Peter Kelamis, whom you might recognize from Stargate Universe.

I love how this show never requires its characters to carry the idiot ball to move the plot along. Greg Berlanti could learn a lot from iZombie (and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD).

When I first started watching this show I was not a fan of Clive, with all the face acting. But he quickly became one of my favorite characters. Everyone's so great. Even Don E seems like he has a "life" that continues when he's not on screen.

The actor who played Amy was wonderful. Her personality and performance added a lot of emotional depth to her scenes with Clive beyond the writing. Great casting.
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Oh, and Robey Buckley is really bringing it (as always), and I hope goth IT guy sticks around.
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Clive is so much better a character now that they let him do stuff besides give liv the side eye when she is acting weird.

This show has subtly shifted into ensemble territory, Liv is barely even the lead anymore, major was almost the primary character last season, and now Clive is getting more so far this season, with more to come it seems. it's definitely working for me, but not sure I've seen a shift like this before.
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