It's called BoJack Horseman because he's a horse!
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Is there any interest in FanFaring BoJack Horseman, or did everyone get their feels out already in the FPP? I'd be up for episode-by-episode, although a single post covering all 12 episodes seems like it would be better (if there's a way to add a post that way.)
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I would be up for any/all conversation about BoJack Horseman.

This is BoJack.


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I'd prefer the post be in the form of a bimonthly snack basket gift club, but this will work too.
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Also I just linked to this thread in the BoJack FPP.
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I would like this plz. Especially if each response were written in the form of a tell-all ghostwritten biography of BoJack.
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I vote for a single post, but I will attend only if you don't get a cotton candy machine.
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I just submitted the form for the show be added to the list, but I don't see a way to add a show in its entirety once it's on there.
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a cotton candy machine labeled "sticky pink"
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I'm two episodes from finishing, and would happily participate in one or several threads.
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Update: I am now one episode from the end of the series, and I have a MIGHTY NEED for one or several threads. Oh man.
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I tried the ENTIRE SEASON IN A POST deal with Season 2 of The Wire, and got soundly rejected by mathowie. Of course, I laid that whole plan out in the post itself with links relevant to each of the episodes and a little summary all in the More Inside. Were you to go the route that was suggested in recent MetaTalk threads about FanFare and ONLY post a thread for the final episode of a given season, I think that might fly? Or at least have a better chance than my effort.

Then again, that sort of trickery might not work since you're applying to add the show right away, then the same moderator has to approve the post as well. Tough to get something like that past our mods, you know. They're sharp.
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I didn't see the FPP and binge-watched the show over three nights. It's cringily hilarious. So...yes, I'd watch it again with FF.
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What they eventually did for Orange Is the New Black is put up a post for each individual ep. but added them (or the last several at least) all at once so that people who had seen the whole season could, if they wished, go directly to the final thread and talk about the whole thing. I binge-watched and couldn't participate in any of the middle threads because I couldn't remember if Event X had occurred in Episode 4 or 6, etc.
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Maybe we could do a sort of compromise, and do it episode by episode but as a rewatch?
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I'd be up for a BoJack Horseman fanfare of any sort.
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I think the re-watch plan is our best option for getting this rolling. I'm going out for breakfast; unless there are any objections I can post the first episode later today. (And if someone else wants to do it sooner that would be cool, too. Because I have a feeling I'm not the only one with THOUGHTS about the first episode that need to be shared.
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It's just waiting for approval!
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