Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Moo Moo
May 3, 2017 7:04 AM - Season 4, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Terry wants to file a complaint after he's stopped by a fellow police officer while off-duty in his own neighborhood; Jake and Amy get a glimpse into the difficulties of parenthood when they take care of Terry's kids.

There are no highlights in Scottsdale, Margo.
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Showrunner Dan Goor on the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ stop-and-frisk episode and the Talk

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: The Sobering "Moo Moo" Is One of the Best Episodes in the Series' Canon

[Not sure I agree with the headline, though it's certainly one of the most important episodes because of this]

“Moo Moo” is the type of television that’s bound to piss off a not-insignificant percentage of its viewership, not because it’s bad, but because it’s real

(Not linking to the NewsBusters' article that calls it "preachy" because I don't want to give them the clicks and also the link was banned by my work firewall - hilariously as "Media - Suspicious ")
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"Get woke, Scully!"
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I loved the dialogue between Holt and Terry. It was never trite. Crews and Braugher carry the scenes so well. The real talk about the politics of race in the NYPD was strong.

I also appreciated that they didn't make a meal out of the conversation between between Terry and the cop who stopped him. In the 90s that would have been a scene at the end where Terry tells him to his face that he's "going to stand up for what's right." But using it as exposition earlier was the perfect way to handle it.
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I've been wondering if or what they were going to do to address the issue. This show came out in 2013, a year before the shooting of Michael Brown, the response in Ferguson and everything that never stopped coming after that. People who don't want to hear the message will say it's "preachy" others will call it milquetoast but I thought that they handled it well. It was a Very Special Episode for better or for worse.

That conversation between Terry and Holt during the dinner party was great. I liked seeing the two of them reconcile their different ways of seeing the situation/Holt's apology, as the two people involved with the most experience, rather than them Explaining It To The Gang and I loved Terry standing up for himself.

And I loved "Get woke, Scully!"
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This was a great special episode. It needed to happen and they handled it extremely well, even along with the comedy.

Margo is horrible.
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I live a block from Scottsdale. Margo really is the worst.

But the episode was wonderful. Holt's apology made me cry with how real it was. And I love how everyone in the precinct was right there, supportive and outraged and never doubting Terry's version of the story.
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I finally got around to watching this and it was marvelous. Handled perfectly.

Except I would have given it a better name. "Moo Moo" is not a good one. Hell, that's what my relatives call their dog (Mulan).
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I watched this last night but I had to pause it and take an emotions break because the cops just killed a black woman in my city this week. :-(
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