Catastrophe: Season Three
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From the Amazon description:
Rob and Sharon have faced down unexpected pregnancy and abrupt parenthood, but can they survive Rob's discovery of a suspicious receipt?

With their relationship on shaky ground, they attempt to weather unemployment, mortgages, jealous coworkers, drunken mistakes, friends in rehab, disastrous job interviews, insane family, and, of course, keeping the children alive.
RIP Carrie Fisher.
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I love Catastrophe so much - I was pregnant when the first series was on, had a prem baby as well.

This series was both fantastic and properly hard to watch. The bit where Chris confronts Rob on the doorstep. The bit where the (fabulous Lauren Socha) babysitter sleeps on the baby's floor because she knows Rob isn't up to it. Sharon's dad dying. And of course, the final scene.

But the scene where Carrie Fisher's Mia reminds her son why her jaw clicks - bloody hell.

Also, its really really funny.
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This show is so great and I love Rob and Sharon so much that it was tough to watch this chaos. I know Rob Delaney is a recovering alcoholic and he's pretty open about that in his comedy. I thought his drinking on the show was pretty realistic and I wondered if any of it was lifted from his past.
Threetwentytwo, the babysitter scene was really sad and I loved her so much for staying with the baby. How sad that did cause Rob to realize he needed help, but then Sharon's loss detoured him.
That last scene was nuts! Sharon almost got hit by a bus?! I wonder if she could use some sobriety herself. And was Rob driving okay? It seemed like he was, but I wasn't entirely sure.
I like those two. I'm pulling for them!
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I wonder if she could use some sobriety herself. And was Rob driving okay?

Ah, but Sharon's drinking is the socially acceptable sort. Where its much more ok to drink a bottle of wine then downing pints (or, indeed, drinking vodka out of the laundry basket). It's a mode of thinking that I'm susceptible to myself.

I haven't watched the episode in a while, but I'm sure my partner said that he was technically in the right (I don't drive, myself). But I think both parties would probably get breathalysed anyway.
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Man, what an ending.
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I just finished watching all three seasons. I loved this show. Carrie Fisher's untimely lunar-lingerie death becomes even more upsetting because it looked like they were really going to start exploring her character on the show a bit more. I'm really looking forward to the next season.
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