Master of None: Religion
May 13, 2017 7:49 AM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Back in New York, a visit from observant Muslim relatives puts Dev in a tricky position. He introduces his cousin to a forbidden pleasure: pork.
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Having been raised in a different pork-prohibiting religion that I don't practice as an adult, there was a lot to relate to here. This was a case where I thought using Ansari's real-life parents rather than actors served as a real benefit, making those final scenes feel even more authentic than had they been "dramatically" staged.

When Dev's dad says, "It hurts her feelings" regarding Dev flaunting his lack of religious belief in their faces, I'll be honest, it was an emotional gut-punch . This is exactly what great art is supposed to do - using fiction as a way to help you understand your own life. I feel like I know my own mother better after watching this episode.
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I do various things my parents don't do due to their religion (although it's Mormonism so we all eat pork) and that part with his dad was incredibly emotional to me too. It pretty much summed up why I don't drink in front of my parents in a way I never could have explained myself.

Also I love how things just happen in this show, they aren't always leading to each other like a sitcom. I thought for sure there'd be a scene where Dev gets in trouble for sharing pork with his cousin, but it was just a thing that happened. (Although it probably led to Dev's unfortunate honesty later.)
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This episode rivals how relatable Parents was in Season 1. It's refreshing seeing Anzari and Yang tell the Asian American story in such a hilarious way.
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I was discussing this season briefly with a new friend who's a vegan and basically gave her a trigger warning about this episode. I loved this episode--it made me go out and buy bacon--but I knew my friend is so pro-animal and anti-meat-eating that it would be an ugly experience for her. But not me.
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Listening to the latest See Something Say Something about this episode was illuminating. There were a couple false-seeming moments to me (why order pork in front of your parents in such an especially charged moment?) and also I thought Dev was being a dick to actively recruit his cousin into eating pork etc, but overall, I really liked the episode.

The crew at See Something had a much more critical analysis, informed by a lot more real world knowledge than me. They also seemed to view Dev's character as more of a fuck up than I do - I like how he's a nice guy that makes mistakes.
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I thought Dev's sudden decision to order pork was inspired by his conversation with Denise about being out.
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