Jane the Virgin: Chapter Sixty-Two
May 15, 2017 9:51 AM - Season 3, Episode 18 - Subscribe

A schoolmate calls Mateo "artificial", which causes him to ask how he came into the world. Jane accidentally causes Fabian to read Fahrenheit 451.

Petra finds out Chuck loves her. Fabian and Jane get on the same page about the casualness of their relationship -- after some confusion.* Xiomara and Rogelio think Jane wouldn't want them to have a big wedding, then find out she'd be totally happy about it.

* When Jane schooled Fabian about how reductive his Madonna-whore paradigm was, and then he told her he'd Googled that and now he understood, I was like "my shoooooooooow". Not since young Jane stood up at that reading and told an author that the RWA website says romance novels, as a genre, always have a Happily Ever After, have I thought "this show is for me!" more.

(We haven't had a FanFare discussion of Jane the Virgin since Season 2, Episode 15, so I figure this post is also fair game for discussing everything that's happened in the past 3+ years of show time, including GIANT SPOILER THINGS.)
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A few speculations:

* The mysterious woman Chuck met on the beach, and who killed Scott, is Magda (where's she been?) or Jane's cousin Catalina

* Jorge is going to die in some tragic manner, thus keeping Alba single

* Fabian will get super attached to Jane and propose to her in a super public and embarrassing fashion, possibly when she's about to win an award for her book
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The actress who plays Lina, Diane Guerrero, is an anti-deportation activist.
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Rafael's greeting card writer/illustrator ex-girlfriend Abby killed Scott! Which, I know I know, she led cops to Scott's burn book, and why would she have done that if she's the killer? But the writers came up with her for a reason, and spent so much time "forgetting" her so we really, really learned who she was despite her not doing anything. I trust this show, so if the writers introduce someone, they have a reason to be in the story. I'm waiting for Abby's return.

And no WAY is Jorge going anywhere. ALBA AND JORGE 4EVA.
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I'm sad to see Fabian go. Look, he's not a whopping brain trust, but he's sweet and he's trying, dammit. I root for him despite it all.

Hear, hear for bringing back discussion of this show, I was sad when it fizzled back in the day.
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Maybe the narrator can end up with Fabian!

(When I was just getting into this show, I said to a friend that Rogelio was my favorite character. My friend said, "Rogelio is my second favorite character after the narrator." I said "yes you are right, me too.")
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