Master of None: New York, I Love You
May 17, 2017 8:49 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

As Dev and friends head to a theater to see the hit movie "Death Castle", the lives of several ordinary New Yorkers intersect in subtle ways
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I really liked this episode, but a little while in, I was convinced Netflix had loaded the wrong show.
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I thought the narrative technique of not using subtitles (or having any sound) when the deaf woman was trying to communicate with someone who didn't know sign language was very powerful, although I have to admit I thought something had gone wrong with my TV for a minute.
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Loved it. I love how Aziz is willing to play with the form of the "TV show." Reminded me of some of Louis CK's work. but a lot better.
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I loved this episode. I too thought there was something wrong. Also I think anyone of the characters could have their own show.
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I really appreciated how this episode went out and told some NYC stories of people who don't typically get TV shows written about them. I thought it was great. Really well done how it tied together at the end, too.
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This episode was so creative - really impressed me.
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I loved it all, and especially loved that someone who was not child-abuser Woody Allen could create such a lovely Valentine not only to New York but to New Yorkers we rarely have an opportunity to notice. Also, the brilliance of having a woman ask for her sexual needs to be met, for parity, so unexpected, so great!!!
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This was amazing. The clear and correct implication was that we barely hear or see the taxi drivers and door men even when they're not speaking in ASL.

And the fake Nic Cage voice was hilarious.
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I loved this episode. Love, love, loved it. This, to me, shows off the beautiful and creative way TV shows can play with a streaming format versus a live-airing format. Also, as someone who's spent some time in the hospitality/service industry, I related all to well in some moments. NYC-centric shows need fewer architects and detectives, and instead should have more doormen and taxi drivers. And representation! An entire deaf storyline where the fact that she's deaf is just a fact and not a major plot device where everything hinges on her deafness. It made me want to cry.

I'm a moderate fan of the series -- I like it well enough to watch the whole thing, but I'm also happy to keep it as background noise if it's not appealing to me in the moment. But I wanted to immediately watch this episode right away. (Also was I the only one who felt like I needed to be quiet during the ASL scenes? Wait, don't tell me how weird I am...)

I also really enjoyed the Thanksgiving episode. I don't know what it says about me that may favorite episodes are the least Dev-centric ones (and I really like Aziz!), but I would take another series of episodes like these (and the Bicycle Thief knock-off).
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So my wife and I listened to the season 2 soundtrack after watching the first couple of episodes, and I was really confused when the Vengabus came on. "Wait, this song?" My wife had never it heard it before so I tried to explain: big novelty hit in the mid-90s in New York, and then it got used in an ad for Six Flags (and she'd never seen the ad either).

So I was super happy that when the song was played at the bad club, everyone immediately called it the Six Flags theme.

Also, I can't get it out of my head now. Help.
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This was one of the best pieces of television I can remember seeing in ages. It could stand on its own as a short film. Just superbly done.
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Oh, that was really well done. Loved Eddie standing up to the cheater. REALLY REALLY SUPER LOVED MAYA and her sass and insistence on signing about her vagina repeatedly in public so someone else's kids could see. Can we cast that actress in many other things? Also really enjoyed the cabbies' impromptu fry party club night. This was really great.
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