Oh No Ross and Carrie: Ross and Carrie and the Ozark UFOs (Part 3): OWL OWL OWL OWL
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Back at the Ozark Mountains UFO Conference, Ross and Carrie learn that owls can often be aliens in disguise! Delighted, they go looking for owls everywhere. Then, David Marler steps up to the microphone to tell us all about the Battle of Los Angeles, a 1942 event in which air raid wardens fired on an object in the sky that might have been a flying saucer... or might have been a lost weather balloon. But PROBABLY a flying saucer. Clap your hands, folks, it's more UFO time!
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The giggle fit about 38 minutes in was very contagious and had me crying at my desk.
posted by MaritaCov at 8:27 AM on June 16, 2017

That crying fit was amazing.

I love this podcast, and am so glad to see it get some FanFare love. I wish I had anything to really say about this episode, though.
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I found both the clock numerology and the bit where Ross and Carrie attempted to bring their own owl coincidences to the Owl Guy and he dismissed them fascinating.

I've a few relatives who are loudly credulous about coincidences in their own lives but who completely dismiss equally questionable things that other people believe. (Don't get me started on hummingbirds. . . ) I can only imagine I'm guilty of the similar biases with respect to my own beliefs, but it's hard to take seriously when you watch someone else do it.
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